Sony Aims to Expand PlayStation Network Business and to "Aggressively" Promote Mobile Games

Having passed the peak of hardware profitability, Sony aims to expand its PSN business and to push mobile games to bolster the music segment.

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strayanalog1984d ago

All of the Big 3 are messing with mobile gaming in some way nowadays. Seems like the console "war" is slowly becoming how to create the right experience for the player than it is about the most powerful console anymore.‎ Feels like we're on the verge of a united gaming ecosystem where petty console differences won't matter anymore.

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Obscure_Observer1983d ago

"Expand PlayStation Network Business"

This is Kodera´s vision for Playstation. GaaS.

blackblades1984d ago

Along as it doesn't interfere with the consoles in anyways.

UCForce1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

As long it doesn’t affect PlayStation core, it would be fine. Right now, Sony is happy with their SP games like Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War are doing pretty well, so I think Sony will keep that core.

Obscure_Observer1983d ago


God and Horizon are great games free of MTs and Lootboxes. But you really belive all Sony Studios to follow suit? Are you expecting The Last of Us II to not be a GaaS type of game?

Aura75411983d ago

Mobile gaming is handled by a different subsidiary (Sony Music Entertainment) from Sony Playstation. What Sony Music does will not affect what Playstation's plans and vice versa.

Gunstar751984d ago

Yayyy... Mobile gaming..... 😐

Obscure_Observer1983d ago


Sony has to continue to grow and expand their gaming bussiness. As long it doesn´t affect Playstation consoles, i don´t see nothing wrong with their new focus on mobile.

ILostMyMind1984d ago

Would Sony launch some games on Switch?

gtxgamer21984d ago

Only if Nintendo returns the favor 😂

Araragifeels 1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Sony Unties (Sony Music Entertainment) is a third-party game publisher (not part of PlayStation) who focus on smaller titles designed for multiple platforms. They already released some game for the switch.