The Vg tilt reviews Saints Row 2

Vg tilt: "Saints Row 2 is nothing short of almost brilliance. Now, I say almost because it is weighted down with some technical flaws that damper game play and graphics."

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida5222d ago

Good review.I think the frame rate and pop-up problems slow it down but nonetheless it offer far more than what GTA4 offers in terms of content.Besides what is important in reviews is fun,game play,content,and a decent story to chug along the extras.

Yi-Long5222d ago

... to really get rid of the bugs and glitches and framedrops etc. I would rather wait a bit longer, and then have a better experience with it, instead of seeing it get releases on schedule, but with said 'problems'.

Ofcourse, it seems like a very fun and entertaining game. I just rather have seen them improve it a bit before release.

bunbun7775222d ago

One of my favorite parts of the review...

"GTA4 took everything that made GTA San Andreas good and tossed it out the window. Saints Row takes everything the 1st one did, build oon it and then goes outside and picks up all the content R* threw out their window with GTA San Andreas."

Ive been playing since Tuesday, its funfunfun! Sure theres not the ultimate polish and pizazz, but sometimes when I'm really having fun i get those flashes that you always get in openworld games where anything can happen, and the game looks great. My girl looks like a character from the Matrix(so when it glitches I blame it on that), cool so far- and a lot of fun.