Revisiting God of War: Ascension - A Reminder for Why the Series Needed Rebooting

Ascension isn’t a bad game, but it is the worst game in the God of War series for some sad reasons. The high bar set by the supposed final chapter in the series was not even close to being met by Ascension, and how could it be? Its very concept as an unnecessary prequel is a detracting factor, and everything else on top of that is another layer in a cynical capitalist shit-sandwich that almost reads like a checklist. I admit I had fun, rote as it was, in my 10 hours in the campaign. It’s just that I couldn’t ignore the snark inside me repeating one line at regular intervals through my travails, “Ascension? You mean God of War: Another One?” I have no doubt now that rebooting the series was the right call.

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submarinna1256d ago

theres nothing "worst" about Ascension. it's a great game in my books

UCForce1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

It is a great game for sure. But it was weakest God of War series. Like the multiplayer or not, but I didn’t like it. Because it hurt the quality of God Of War series.

Nitrowolf21255d ago

To be honest I forgot it even had him all day player but even still it wasn't that bad for a mode.

I think the issue with God of War ascension is that it's a prequel that came out after the big finale. It also seemed like a title that kind of just came out of nowhere but otherwise I thoroughly enjoyed it as much as I liked any of the other ones. I just wasn't in a rush to ever finish it or play it because of it being a prequel.

If it came out before God of War 3 I could see it getting better reception

Timesplitter141255d ago

Do you not understand what "worst" means?

hulk_bash19871255d ago

Of all the console GOW games id say it's the weakest. But I still enjoyed it regardless.

GamesMaster19821255d ago

I enjoyed Ascention as much as the other GOW games. Only thing i disliked about it was that tacked on mutiplayer to please the casual's.


But the multiplayer was more than just casual. Was hardcore.

GamesMaster19821254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

All i meant was God Of War never had online crap and never needed it to start with. This people who like online stuff have plenty of games for them, so i would prefer they leave it out of our great single player games. Take the new GOW no multiplayer bullshit in sight, and is the example of a perfect game. I get some folks only play that social online stuff, and that's fine as there are games for them folks. But great single player games should be just that a great single player game and not trying to please non fan's with tacked on multiplayer modes.

firelogic1255d ago

Ascension wasn't a good game for the series. I really don't know how they messed it up considering there were 5 games prior to it from 2 different studios and a different director for each instalment. The combat system was just all wrong. It didn't feel good to play and the magic system was the worst yet. The boss fights were disappointing as well. My feelings on the game weren't because I was fatigued on the series because I bought and played GoWII HD (owned it for PS2) and Ghost of Sparta HD (owned for PSP) after my time with Ascension and loved them both.

beanplant1255d ago

I recently played it I actually really liked it. But it was a couple of giant boss fights away from being really awesome. But I would probably play it again

kevnb1255d ago

Wasn’t it made by a “b” team?

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