Housemarque Reveals First Non-Arcade Game, Stormdivers

In today’s talk at Reboot Develop, indie developer Housemarque revealed its latest game, Stormdivers.

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Marcus Fenix275d ago

Housemarque is one of the developers I always keep a close eye on, though I respect their unannounced policy of never releasing a sequel but I'd be all over a new Dead Nation.

Palitera275d ago

1. Don't waste your time on the "trailer". It only shows some generic environments. 40s. Very very lame.

2. I used to respect them too and have them among my most beloved devs. Then they decided to go from the genre where they were top (arcade) to the cash grab failures of MP games.

Well, they are 10 years late to the party.

MarineLineman275d ago

I feel like Alienation was basically Dead Nation 2, but I agree. DN is my favorite twin stick shooter ever, and Alienation was good but didn’t have the same magic that DN did, so I would love to a DN sequel as well.

corroios275d ago

I bought all their games. I like housemarque

firelogic275d ago

Phrases like "multiplayer-centric" ; and "games as a service" along with the idea that they're doing something completely out of their wheelhouse doesn't instill the confidence I had in Housemarque. I get that this was a business decision because the awesome games they made didn't sell very well but I don't see this new path being any more successful for them.

Plus, terrible "announcement trailer." That video alone doesn't tell me anything other than the title and that it's outdoors. Hell, I would have taken a CG video of what the gameplay will be like. They've been working on it for 2 years and it may come out this year and that's all they showed?

MarineLineman275d ago

Kind of sounds like HellDivers lol

Knushwood Butt275d ago

I'd like to support them but it will need to be special.

I'm no expert, but surely competition is even fiercer in this genre.