Futuregamez: Linger In Shadows Review

Dave Warner writes:

"So Linger In Shadows is 'interactive art' but that doesn't make it very good. In fact even at $5 it's a bit of a waste of money. It should have been free, or vastly expanded upon this 7 minute experience most of which has been seen before in the promotional video release some months ago."

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Hershy9993653d ago

so they shouldn't be reviewing it...

Asurastrike3653d ago

Well, first off it's 2.99, not 5 dollars. Second, it's not a game, how can you review?

joeymoey3653d ago

Same way you review a movie?

deathray3653d ago

Any way you look at it, it sucks. I really don't see the point of it. As a trophy whore, I bought it for the easy trophies.