Far Cry 2: Leaked Across The Net; 360 Piracy Is On The Rise

GameXtract writes "I've been really looking forward towards Ubisoft's Far Cry 2. In fact next week is too far away for my increasing interest and in order to relieve my hype I'll be at this weekend's Gaming Invasion along with Jeff where we shall relieve all the Far Cry 2 craziness inside. The even is being held in Toronto, Canada, and for those wondering you'll be able to catch us at the event this Saturday around 3-6 PM EST. Some people on the other hand have found other ways of reliving the inner Far Cry crave. A picture (above) was released on the Internet yesterday of a retail copy of Far Cry 2. Many were skeptical on the legitimacy of the picture, but not too long afterwards more reports starting coming in that many Gamestop store managers have received copies of the game."

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Jamegohanssj55700d ago

So so so so so sad. So EA found a to make it so that Dead space couldn't get pirated, am I correct?


sushipoop5700d ago

This is getting worse and worse. Bethesda seem pretty pissed about Fallout 3 ALREADY being leaked all over torrent websites. Funny how the 360 version was pirated before the PC version haha. Oh man this won't end well.

johover1125700d ago

I'm sensing Spore all over again. AH CRAP!

Sarcasm5700d ago

Dead space is already pirated.

gambare5700d ago

the piracy is really easy on the 360 because it has a similar architecture of a PC, and that makes easy to pirate it, that's a huge problem, but what keeps the people buying originals is the online gaming

zayne5700d ago

Digital downloads is the wy of the future :P LOL Gedit! :D

JasonPC360PS3Wii5700d ago

Blu-ray FTW... opps nevermind

Anyway whats the point? they can only play offline, if they go online it's over. Offline is easy for the PS3, PS2, Xbox, Wii and GC.

thereapersson5700d ago

Yeah, funny how you never see PS3 games getting pirated...

JasonPC360PS3Wii5700d ago

Did you click one of those links I put up? if you did you will see Metal Gear Solid 4... You should have just walked away, now you have to walk around with an "I got pwned" sticker on your forhead...:)

PirateThom5700d ago (Edited 5700d ago )

Did you click the MGS4 links?


"Full longplay / walkthrough of Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns Of The Patriots (PS3).

13 hours long movie."

Nope, so that's no PS3 games for download, try again! Maybe keep that sticker for yourself.

jtucker785700d ago (Edited 5700d ago )

Errr... Jason.

Have you seen the size of these supposed "blu-ray" movies?
They're only a few Gigs each.
That's lower quality than DVD my friend. That is worse than an upscaled DVD.

Transformers on HD DVD came with Dolby Digital instead of Dolby HD because it maxed out the whole 30Gbs

I'm sure you'll be able to get all that quality in 2 or 3GBs

That funny thing is blu-ray discs have compressed video as it is. So your pirate buddys are compressing an already compressed 30GB movie into 3GB movie. I bet that will look better at 3G than the hollywood compression techniques that compress a movie into 30GB.

Just stick with your "upscaled DVDs"

The Happening 720p Blu Ray 4.37 GiB ??

Shrek 3 1080p 2.15GiB That's going to be good quality!!

vhero5700d ago

for all you un-informed people with the correct stealth files and firmware on the 360 you can play pirate games online I know plenty of people who do it go on xbox scene or any other xbox 360 major site who know anything about this matter and see for yourself. The fact this is the 3rd game in a row to be leaked over a week early has gotta get the publishers attention and really piss them off as for EA blocking it. It works perfect according to several sites not a huge FPS fan myself so not gonna try it i'll keep playing fallout 3 for now and castle crashers. Yeah mine's flashed but i'm gonna buy fallout its worth the money only usually use backup copies for my son as he loves playing on my consoles but he scratches my cds bad and unlike bluray discs dvds are terrible for scratches. Anyway I digress.....

The 360 is the easiest console to mod since the Dreamcast its so simple to do just hook it upto your pc and run a program OMG yeah its that simple! so of course this is gonna keep happening as MS are useless the original Xbox was easy to mod to using a save exploit when will they ever learn?

thereapersson5699d ago

Seeing as how you owned yourself, you might as well keep that sticker...

LJWooly5699d ago (Edited 5699d ago )

I think I might just have to give you a bubble for that, reaper... :D

jtucker785699d ago

Well done Jason.

I love it when a F'Boy disproves his own point.

Jason 360: Blu ray already has loads of pirate copies ... look here's a copy of Shrek 3 in 1080p .... it's 2Gig!

And heres a copy of MGS4 ... walkthrough video.

J8M7G5699d ago (Edited 5699d ago )

There is PS3 games on newsgroups. Just can't play them yet...

SL1M DADDY5699d ago

If the lower count of pirated copies for the BD format on the PS3, if that makes a developer/publisher look at the PS3 game release as being more profitable. I know that they make tons of cash on the 360 and PC but they also lose a ton of cash to piracy. Given that there are less pirate copies for the PS3, does that look good to them and look good for the future of the PS3? Is this what makes being a future proof console the better choice? Just asking so please, don't flame.

J8M7G5699d ago

Given how long the PS3 has been out and considering its only been hacked to play 2 games and its a hell of a lot of hassle you've gotta give Sony credit. Next PS console might be (dare i say it) hack proof.

jtucker785699d ago (Edited 5699d ago )

Good point SLIM DADDY, I wondered the same thing.
I wonder if that is why Crytek took such an interest in PS3.
Look at the lengths they went to with the DRM on Warhead!

Obviously a PS3 version wouldn't look as good, but I bet you could get an acceptable version running and they'd be happy that they'd be getting monster sales.

I think one of the main reasons BD games haven't really been hacked is the cost of blank BD discs.

As the BD-R drives and blank discs come down in price then we'll see more hacked games.
Technology is definitely getting harder to crack though. And I haven't heard of that many modded PS3s
But then I'm a model citizen, so wouldn't know about that anyway :-)

JsonHenry5699d ago

Has anyone even read what you have to do in order to pirate a 360 game? I thought only a limited number of people could do it because it takes a certain DVD drive that was not shipped in all 360s?

Anyway, piracy may hurt their bottom line a little bit. But I doubt it makes or breaks a game like they try to make out like it does.

if you have a good game - then it is going to sell a lot of copies regardless of whether or not it gets pirated.

CBosh45699d ago

We wont see pirated PS3 games until maybe after this gen is over. Not enough people have blu ray drives on their computers and even if you are one of the few that do i'm sure u dont want to download games that are 20-30 gigs...

Vip3r5699d ago

Getting owned there. Textbook classic.

plain rice5699d ago (Edited 5699d ago )

Jason 360. Sorry but you just owned yourself. Not once but twice in this thread alone. You can't save face from this one. This goes to show how misinformed you are.

Can't play burnt games on XBL? HAHA

FYI even if you could dump an entire Bluray game on the net you wouldn't be able to play it anyway. PS3 as of right now cannot play burnt BR games. Learn your facts.