Is Far Cry 2 Better Than Far Cry 5?

Far Cry 2 and Far Cry 5 share some similarities, but differ hugely in other areas. The question is: which one is better?

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Yi-Long772d ago

No, story-wise and gameplay-wise, Far Cry 5 is simply the far superior game, especially because FC2 had some mayor annoyances built-in, that ruined the whole experience for many.

However, certain aspects of the game were much better in Far Cry 2: Enemy AI, and physics. And it's a bit of a shame they couldn't manage to keep those great things from Far Cry 2 and implement them into their recent releases.

-Foxtrot772d ago

I've just started Far Cry 5 and I'm a little disappointed at the fact they've given the game a silent character in this day and age. Even the character in Far Cry 4 had one and he hardly spoke as much as Jason in Far Cry 3

All for what? Because they let you choose your gender and didn't want to record two sets of voices even though you never see your character. Felt the story could be more personal so far if there was dialogue between the two characters as a Rookie cop is tasked to take down someone like Joseph

gyggyg771d ago (Edited 771d ago )

I'm not disappointed by that at all. Personally, the player voice in both FC3 and 4 were both really cringey and broke the immersion. I think most FPS games are better off with silent characters, since it's just too easy to break immersion. The cases in which it works is where there is an already established character, with their established voice, you're playing as (Master chief in Halo being a prime example).

-Foxtrot771d ago


I think it breaks the immersion more when people are talking to you and you literally just stand there like a plank of wood.

gyggyg771d ago

But when it's done right, like FC5 has done, where the phrasing and dialogue is framed in a way that doesn't suggest the player character has to respond and say something: there is no standing like a plank of wood effect.

PhantomS42772d ago

Nope, Far Cry 5 is better by a long shot. Far Cry 2 is the worst of all the Far Cry titles.

JEECE772d ago

You've definitely never played it.

bloop772d ago

I don't think I've ever had a stranger experience with a game than I've had with FC2. The first few hours I was blown away and I thought it was one of the best games I'd played at the time, but after a while I absolutely hated it. Those damn checkpoints, the malaria, guns breaking far too soon and, probably the main reason why I began to hate it, just trying to get around that bloody map completely ruined it for me. A false sense of an open world that constantly forced you down narrow passage ways with endless respawning checkpoints. It turned into more of a chore than anything. The physics and a.i. were absolutely amazing, but the bad points far outweigh the good for me and completely ruined the overall experience.

Diffraction_Fos772d ago

@PhantomS42 - Disagree. The only things annoying about FC2 were the constantly respawning enemy camps and the bullet-sponge enemies. Apart from that it was a very solid sim-like shooter. I replayed that game again and again. I loved it.

While FC3 improved on some things, it also started feeling like an arcade shooter again. FC4 was horrible, I could barely force myself to finish that shit. It felt like a hammed-up parody of FC3. If I want that, I'd go play COD games instead.

Bathyj772d ago

I really liked far cry 2 I know I'm a minority. It introduced a lot of series staples and I liked that funds could be unbreakable and break. I also loved the fire, which felt like such a fresh tactic at the time. I know it's still there but I just don't seem to bother with it as much as in 2.

NecrumOddBoy772d ago

FC2 was really good but that effin' malaria was an unfun chore plus a bronze trophy for finding those 250 diamonds???... GTFO with that.. lol

Bathyj772d ago

Ha. Yeah. Forgotten that.

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The story is too old to be commented.