Call Of Duty: Alexa Launches

The Alexa Skill Features a Personal Call of Duty Coach Including Real-Time Recommendations Powered by AI and Machine Learning, Robust Community Features, Match Summaries and Updates for In-Game Achievements.

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crazychris4124180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

"Alexa where is the campaign for Black Ops 4?"

"Few people played it so we removed it and added a Battle Royale mode that took us a week to make"

"So why is the game $60?"

"Because screw you, you will buy anything with Call of Duty name slapped on it"

vickers500180d ago

"Hacks are enabled by default, would you like to deactivate them?"

Garethvk180d ago

I see you are getting trash talked by a 12 year old; would you like me to respond at random times while you play?