In Theory: What Kind of Specs Will PS5 Require To Run The Killzone 2 E3 2005 Trailer In Real Time?

Despite the fact that Killzone 2 was something of a stunner at launch, its technical prowess has always been in the shadow of that absurdly wishful trailer.

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JaguarEvolved188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

I think killzone shadow fall looks better than the killzone 2 trailer so a ps4 hardware is sufficient enough to make something that looks like the trailer

jeremyj2913188d ago

I agree. Those explosions in the target demo weren't nearly as good as the ones in Shadow Fall.

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Babadook7188d ago

Ok. I can only assume this topic is meant to be snarky. But taking the idea literally; the problem with recreating the demo in a real game isn’t the graphics part, its the ai and animation part.

HunchbackPotato188d ago (Edited 188d ago )


yes, lol halo 5.

UltraNova188d ago

Guys of course a generational leap in hardware will run a target render from a previous gen...Shadow Fall exceeded that trailer in every way except maybe the animation.

That said I have to say Killzone 2 ended up a sight to behold. The graphics back when it was released were absolutely jaw dropping. The atmosphere and controls in KZ2 still hold out today. I only wish Guerrilla hasnt abandoned this IP and reboots it sooner rather than later.

Killzone reboot personal wishlist:

1) semi-open world or huge multi-path levels with secrets
2)" Heavy" Kilzone 2 shooting mechanics and bleak atmosphere
3) HZD- level quality story
4) varied and imaginative weapon arsenal
5) Improved AI and physics
6) some level of destructibility.

In the meantime, I cant repeat my self enough, give us a Killzone trilogy remaster loke the Uncharted collection!!!

bouzebbal188d ago

KZ2 trailer has better face animations, that's it!!!
KZ2 trumps it in every other way.. M82 weapon is much more detailed in the retail game. in fact, the trailer uses KZ1 weapon design.
Atmosphere is much more alive in the final game.. KZ2 is one of my best games of all time.

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bluefox755188d ago

Right? The KZ2 trailer was pretty amazing at the time, but by today's standards, not so much, lol.

jerethdagryphon187d ago

I do wonder how many people discovered the easy vadek kill technique

madforaday188d ago

Do people actually forget what the actual footage was in Killzone 2? It looked better than what they demo in 2005.

Eonjay188d ago

Everyone knows that. Also, most games today have real time graphics better than CGI in games from 2005. This is a troll article. It seeks to get us to discuss something based on a completely false premise.

madforaday188d ago


The detail in the trailer look awful, the faces look soo weird and the atmosphere is terrible. I never understood the controversies with this trailer and actual game. I have had this talk with so many people back in the day. Since this game was advertised as Halo Killer in Playstation Magazine. Everyone was a critic when it came to this game. I felt I talked to people who never actually played the game because whenever I look at the demo trailer in 2005 I see how bad it was to what it actual was in game but I guess people didn't like the concept of Halo Killer.

morganfell188d ago


You nailed it. So many people were afraid of this game and this series. Well I love it. And they smoked the trailer with the actual game. They once described the game as Saving Private Ryan set in the future. I love the series. I really would like to see Hakha again. And an unapologetic take from the Helghast side. The multiplayer in 2 was sheer devastation.

madforaday188d ago


I do miss Killzone 2 PvP so much and one of the few games I platinum. Everything about that game was amazing. The PvP definitely had a learning curve. Not many people understood you need to crouch when you shoot. If you crouch you really don't need to ADS. I would love more Killzone.

GNCFLYER188d ago

It really did. This article is confusing.

xX-oldboy-Xx188d ago

Dare I say it, KZ2 should be the next remake from Sony. It was such an epic game and the MP needs to be reborn - most fun I've had.

himdeel187d ago

Game in motion looks better than that trailer.

madforaday186d ago


I do agree with you about about Killzone 2 remake but Sony commented how they don't want to compete with BIG franchises (COD, BF, and etc) in that genre. This was about a Socom remake and that is what Sony said about it. I really can't say they are wrong seeing how well they are doing this generation. They also had two failed Socom's last generation.

Killzone 2 would need some changes when it comes to the PvP. The spawning camping was brutal in that game!

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AngelicIceDiamond188d ago

I was thinking the same thing. Killzone 2's pre render is actually outdated and is easily doable on PS4. Understand this is 2005 while Killzone 2's pre render look great we've come extremely far especially in PS technology. Look at Uncharted 4, Horizon, and the New God Of War that'll release soon (Easily GOTY contender)

Its hard to explain but if you look at the trailer, while it looks good, there's a dated look and feel to it. Show this to a casual they'll know the difference especially if they play PS AAA exclusive games. So this render on PS5 or even 4 will be a walk in the park imo.

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fewDankMemes188d ago

Killzone PS5 domination across all nations it will be such an anticipation!!

Matpan188d ago

Well if you bother to actually WATCH the video as opposed to just reading the title they DO tell that for a large number of the technical aspects of the trailer. I think actually hair is the only aspect they say it is kind of "outstanding" or at least noteworthy when compared to actual tech. All the rest has been surpassed. And they do mention Shadow Fall several times as having outdone what you see in the trailer.

"In today´s world that E3 2005 demo is nothing special"... actual excerpt from the video.

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rainslacker188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

If the premise of the title doesn't actually represent what the video is trying to say, why would I watch the video if the premise of the title is already inaccurate, since what was shown in that trailer is more than doable on this gen's hardware, and will likely be far outpaced on next gen hardware.

The 2005 trailer was based off a target render. A target which was already surpassed in real time when the game released. While there were a few things that didn't do as well, overall, one of the funniest parts of all the bickering over it being CGI was that they actually delivered more in the end.

Matpan188d ago

ok, so let´s just comment on something we don´t know about! Awesome! That´s the way to go, informed opinion. I like it...

Edito188d ago

The think about this CGI is the atmosphere they created and in that regard it's still better than Shadow Fall in my opinion, but no question Shadow Fall is a beautiful game.

xPaYDaYx188d ago

My thoughts exactly lol.

LevelSmack187d ago

Graphically maybe yes. But from an AI and Animations point of view it's not close.

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Jinger188d ago

It's funny looking back at this now and realizing the graphics aren't that great.the difference is in the fluidity of the animations really.

Rude-ro188d ago

Yeah, and frames per second.
Killzone 3 actually looked better than the killzone 2 trailer outside of the frames per second.

Matpan188d ago

it´s the tailor made animation and camera work that did most of it. And actually makes it still hold it´s ground pretty well to this day.

Segata188d ago

One day I hope people realize that 2011 Zelda demo doesn't look very good. A lot of low rez blurry textures. CGI target renders trailers and tech demo's don't take long to age badly IMO.

Einhander1971188d ago

Great watch, interesting stuff, still love that killzone 2 trailer though:)

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Deep-throat188d ago

Yeah right... rignt in your dreams.

Hungryalpaca187d ago

Then we must all be in his dreams cuz he is right.

Obelisk92188d ago

That trailer was shocking when it came out, but now every good looking FPS looks better than that.
Wolfenstein 2, CoD Infinite Warfare or even Killzone Shadow Fall look totally better.

The scripted animations can trick the eye, but that result is obviously impossible to be achieved on gameplay.