5 Things We Want To See In Bioshock 4

From GameWatcher: "In a shocking bit of news, Kotaku offhandedly revealed that a new Bioshock game was in development at 2K while talking about the turbulent release of Mafia 3."

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-Foxtrot1802d ago

I think Rapture is done at the end of the day, they closed the story up with Buriel at Sea and the game come full circle in the end

Relientk771802d ago

Excited to see Bioshock and Borderlands make returns,. Been waiting for these franchises to comeback. It's been too long.

stokedAF1801d ago

I don’t really agree with any of these lol. I’m stoked though, Bioshock is one of my all time favorite franchises.

Rapture is done without Ryan. I like the level based design of Bioshock 1 opposed to an open world. I don’t think they should focus on a twist, if it comes naturally then fine but a forced twist doesn’t get the payoff you are looking for. Same with the big daddy style character, they shouldn’t feel the need to force in these characters and plot twists.

1801d ago
Sciurus_vulgaris1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

I want the Bioshock series to increase its immersion sim aspects by becoming less linear.

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The story is too old to be commented.