I Really, Really Miss Splinter Cell

Kyle at GameSpew: The news for more Splinter Cell is exciting, even if it is as a part of a different game entirely.

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strayanalog183d ago

Me too, but I have high hopes Sam will make an appearance at E3 this year.

Sam Fisher183d ago

I miss you guys too....

Serious note i miss him most 😭

mikeslemonade183d ago

That's a boring stealth game. TLoU has the best stealth.

x_xavier_x183d ago


Such a weak attempt at trolling. You're not even trying anymore.

PapaBop183d ago

But will we get classic Splinter Cell.. the one we're missing or is it going to be some open world Splinter Cell with an emphasis on co-op play? That's the real question, I hope Ubi stays true to what made Splinter Cell great and go back to say Chaos Theory for inspiration.

Aloren183d ago

Conviction and blacklist were great too though.

Hardiman183d ago

Me too! The first trilogy was awesome!

UltraNova183d ago

Chaos theory was a damn fine game...

Hardiman183d ago

I was concerned when Chaos Theory hit so soon after Pandora Tomorrow(it was in the same year I believe) but the moment I was on the ship my worries subsided! It really was a benchmark of what the Xbox could do because the jump in visuals from part 2 to 3 was astonishing! Also the story was awesome! More games like those would be welcome!

_FantasmA_183d ago

Pandora Tomorrow came out in 2004 and Theory came out in 2005. Releasing two games in the same year would be overkill.

glenn1979183d ago

Hell yes it was, i dint try conviction yet but blacklist was pretty good also

Hardiman183d ago

@FantasmA thats right it wasn't the same year but twelve months apart from each other.

LucasRuinedChildhood183d ago

Blacklist was actually great as well. If you missed it, consider playing it.

kevnb183d ago (Edited 183d ago )

I miss when Splinter Cell was mostly game play focused, too much story just doesn't fit the series. Splinter Cell and Metal Gear Solid used to compliment each other perfectly, now we dont really have either anymore.

UltraNova183d ago

Indeed...the good old days are long gone my friend.

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Pantz183d ago

He'll be at E3 for sure.

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The story is too old to be commented.