PlayerUnknown on PUBG's future

PUBG is in a weird place right now. It's still hugely popular, still hugely well-played, still, by some way, the biggest game on Steam - and somehow it's becoming something of an underdog.

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corroios185d ago

Its trend. Always changing

kevnb185d ago

Sure, but this isn’t a response to this article.

PhantomS42185d ago

That's what happens with fads that don't have long-lasting appeal.

kevnb185d ago

Your comment makes no sense in this context.

Bladesfist185d ago (Edited 185d ago )

They become and stay bestselling titles on their platforms? I'm not sure you can call the bestselling game of the year a fad without calling all games a fad.

Saijahn185d ago

The problem with PUBG is that they don't have the team to crank out updates with regularity like fortnite.

Every patch (console wise) has been heavily based on stabilization and optimization, yet people still have random bugs. It runs way better now than the early days, but non-xbox one x's still have texture loading issues. X1X still has crashes and frame drops, settings continue to revert, hit detection can be super sporadic.

There's so many issues that shouldn't still be issues and yet no new content. I understand needing to iron out the issues first. but it could be more tolerable if there's was more content to enjoy.

I think they will get it together eventually but will the players still be there waiting?

kevnb185d ago

Only on n4g could a game with 2 million concurrent players every day be considered failing.

Bladesfist184d ago

Which by that logic would mean PC gaming is dead as no other game comes close to that on Steam. http://store.steampowered.c...

183d ago