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An extract from WiiWare World's review of Art Style: Cubello:

"Cubello's premise is a deceptively simple, three-dimensional take on classic puzzle gameplay. Each puzzle, or stage, is a structure made up of a number of cubes in various colours. The goal is to launch coloured cubes from your magazine (which holds up to ten) at the structure to match four or more cubes, which causes them to disappear and more cubes to be added to the magazine. As cubes vanish they will cause any detached cubes to fall towards the core, effectively changing the structure and potentially triggering combos. The stage is finished when all that's left is the core; however, run out of cubes in your magazine and you'll fail. Compounding this simplistic design are equally straightforward controls that yield enthralling challenges.

While the basic controls consist entirely of highlighting an area with the pointer and pressing A or B to place a cube in that spot, Cubello is not as easy as it may sound. Each puzzle is in perpetual motion and placing a cube causes the structure to rotate in the opposite direction, leaving the player balancing careful thinking and patience with a quick-trigger and steady hands. The structure also moves steadily towards the screen until it collides and causes a few cubes to be removed from the magazine. Likewise, the closer it gets, the smaller the window is for launching cubes. To keep it at bay you must continually launch and match cubes, which will knock the structure back a bit."

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