The Evolution of Super Smash Bros.

With all the excitement surrounding Super Smash Bros. Switch, it's almost hard to believe the series is quickly approaching its 20th anniversary. What began as another Mario spin-off on N64 has grown into one of Nintendo's most beloved and popular franchises, as evidenced by the wild reaction fans had when the company unveiled the upcoming Switch installment.

Take a look back at the evolution of the Super Smash Bros. series, from its first game on N64 all the way through the most recent installments on Wii U and 3DS. While there have only been four proper installments in the series thus far, you can see just how dramatically it has changed over the course of the past 19 years, going from a simple, pick-up-and-play mascot fighter to a star-studded celebration of Nintendo's history.

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PhoenixUp282d ago

“What began as another Mario spin-off on N64”

Super Smash Bros 64 was in no way a spinoff of Mario. The name of the franchise is just a parody of Super Mario Bros., that’s it.

It was originally built to be its own new IP until a decision was made to include Nintendo characters into the roster.

If anything you could consider it a Kirby spinoff since it reuses a lot of mechanics from Kirby Super Star.

wonderfulmonkeyman281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

I never thought about it being like Super Star, but on second thought, looking back, you're right about that.
I've been gaming since I was 3 [I'm 34, now], so I've seen the release of every console since the NES, and have owned almost all of them.[Never got a Game Boy Micro or a Virtual Boy.XD]
It gets kind of hard to remember every detail of every game I've played, though, so I had to go back to Super Star for a moment, after seeing your comment, to make the connection.

Actually, it also reminded me of something else that was detailed in another article a while back; they took the battle mode from Kirby's Air Ride and used that as the basis for the Smash Run mode on the 3DS, which was pretty damned cool.

PhoenixUp281d ago

It should be no secret that Masahiro Sakarai puts a lot of elements from his other games into the Super Smash Bros series.

wonderfulmonkeyman281d ago

Yeah, not a secret at all there, but it's not as if he always makes it obvious either, so it's fun to go around trying to spot all the "inspired by" moments from game to game.

PhoenixUp281d ago

It is obvious when you’re familiar with his work.

- Many have compared the Subspace Emissary of Super Smash Bros. Brawl to being similar to Kirby Super Star. One of the most obvious similarities is the camera's focus on the first player and the ability for the second player to teleport to the first either at will or if they end up too far off-screen. Also, the slide launchers function very similar to that from Kirby Super Star.

- The Boss Battles mode is similar to Kirby Super Star's "The Arena" in many way in that it has three healing items and it shows you your next opponent.

- Galleom, in Brawl's Subspace Emissary mode, has a few similar moves to Heavy Lobster from this game.

- Tabuu, the final boss of Super Smash Bros. Brawl's Subspace Emissary mode, has a similar fighting style to Marx, having a few similar moves and both having generally very predictable, but very powerful attacks

- Ridley, in Brawl's Subspace Emissary mode, has very similar moves to Dyna Blade from KSS.

- The music that plays in the Save Cottages of The Great Cave Offensive was remixed as the music for Super Smash Bros. Melee's All-Star Mode, which is similar to The Arena.

- A lot of mechanics for Kirby’s Air Ride are similar to Melee's as well, such as a star count to let the player know how many times he's destroyed another player's machine, similar to how there is a star counter to tell a player how many KOs he or she has gotten.

- Also, the final boss of the The Great Cave Offensive, Wham Bam Rock, uses a stone hand to attack Kirby. The hand's patterns may be considered the inspiration for Master Hand and Crazy Hand.

- The end of the Subspace Emissary plays a lot like the Great Cave Offensive.

- The Plasma helper in Kirby Super Star has the SSB shield.

- The way you block in KSS is the same way it’s done in the SSB series.

- SSB4’s menu bears heavy resemblance to Kirby’s Air Ride. SSBB even features a checklist like Kirby’s Air Ride.

Sakurai even put in elements from Kid Icarus: Uprising into SSB4 like how the difficulty setting screen shown before playing over a chapter again is very similar to the ones in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U's and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS's Classic Modes, with even the titles of the difficulty levels being the same (5.0, for example, is "Heatin' Up") and having near identical sound effects and visuals.

Like I said it becomes obvious when you play a lot of Sakurai games. The similarities are beyond subtle

wonderfulmonkeyman281d ago

I guess my memory's just shot, then, because a lot of that I either didn't make the connection to or had forgotten, and I've owned all the games mentioned.XD

masterfox281d ago

Is nice to see Nintendo how invest in new IPs..........oh wait!, man seriously I wish console wars could return back to old days, the time we had SNES and Sega Genesis , or even the time of the PS2, Gamecube and Xbox, each console game manufacturers they were giving us their best from every side, for example Gamecube: Metal Gear Twin Snakes, Resident Evil 4, Star Wars Rogue Squadron II, Xbox: Ninja Gaiden, Otogi, Splinter Cell, PS2: Devil May Cry, Gran Turismo, God of War.

As you can see back in the day were awesome games from every side MS, Sony, Nintendo, there were some screw ups but damn it was real competition, very very healthy for the game industry, but now Playstation it seems has the whole gaming industry future in their shoulders, Nintendo has their braindead low spec console wannabe that barely surpasses visuals of the PS3 and 360 era, and then we have MS with their braindead overpowered expensive gaming console with cero interesting games and they doesn't seem like they want to invest in new games.