Far Cry 5 Cracked by CPY; Available to Download on Torrents

Far Cry 5 Cracked by CPY; Available to Download on Torrents, it seems that Denuvo 5.0 has finally met its match, perhaps we are in for a Denuvo 6?

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Kostche238d ago

yes lets bloatware our games with even more DRM and instabilty so they get few extra copies sold, fc5 had like 3 layers of drm aids and still it got cracked, if its made by man, it can be cracked by man, instead of trying block it just accept some people are not going buy it, and work on better ways to entice people to buy and not pirate instead of punishing legit players with this garbage within there games

kevnb237d ago (Edited 237d ago )

I don't think the drm earned them a whole lot of extra sales, pirates all know it will get cracked eventually.

cleft5237d ago

Exactly right. Besides, several of the best selling games only have one thin layer of drm and was cracked before the game even released. I am talking about Skyrim and Fallout 4. Oh and the Witcher 3 is one of the top selling games and it has no drm if you buy it on GoG.

Instead of wasting time, money, and resources on drm that just makes the game run worse, invest in making the game more appealing to consumers. Its like Publishers look at games like Skyrim, Fallout 4, and The Witcher 3 and just gloss over the fact that if DRM meant a damn then these games would not be selling so well. DRM literally made Assassin's Creed Origins worse and that game was amazing.

These Publishers are so concerned/afraid of their game being pirated that they forget that if they make a great game then people will buy it. Far Cry 5 in particular should have double down on Arcade mode and mods. But no, instead they slap on draconian DRM, that of course gets pirated, which makes the game run worse on PC.

These Publishers just don't get it, you can put Denuvo 1 million on your game, eventually it will be pirated. Oh and guess what, that DRM doesnt make anyone new go out and buy your game. People who had no intention of buying Far Cry 5 still didnt buy Far Cry 5. Instead of trying to strong arm people into buying the game, just make an amazing game with the freedom to grow. Do that and it will sale. Yes, it will be pirated but it was going to be pirated in the first place. Nothing you as Publishers can do will ever stop your game from being pirated. Simply because their are people who have ZERO intention of ever buying your game in the first place. Those same people may pirated the game and like it enough to actually buy the game on sale or for full price. Oh and people do have consoles, its not exact the hardest thing to rent a game, borrow a game, or buy and return a game. Their are no shortage of ways for people to get their hands on any game they want without ever paying a penny for it.

supersonicjerry237d ago

But the game is good. no matter what they do to entice people there will always be ones that will pirate

Servbot41237d ago

A proper online co-op mode goes a long way in preventing piracy, and most games stand to only benefit from it. Far Cry 5 almost did it right, but the stupid player tethering and no progress saved for player two really sucks.

Prince_TFK237d ago

Even if it takes very long to crack, pirate can still buy denovu game very cheap elsewhere on a pirate site (believe it or not, FC5 costs around $5 there).

Drm (and Denovu for that matter) isn’t an effective way to stop pirate anymore.

TheDreamCorridor237d ago

We need one of those super hardcore advanced AI systems to create anti-piracy.

Then no one will be able to crack games.

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2pacalypsenow238d ago

Just buy the game you cheap bastards

TheDreamCorridor237d ago

All games should just be console-exclusive.

PC gaming is trash anyway.

nowitzki2004237d ago

I bet you dont know a thing about it

Doughhead237d ago (Edited 237d ago )

Piracy is the thorn in the side of the developer. I hate it. To those that spend all this time cracking DRM, you suck. I have a great idea for these cracked copies of the games, they can tell who cracked the game or who has a pirated copy, just make it so their entire game is littered with the words "Cheater, Kill me" or "Pirated game, Kill me" over their characters. They wont have a moments peace when playing online.

I know it wont work for all games, but it would be hysterical to see it with the games they have to be online for.

CodeNameTBW2237d ago

The pirates always get the last Laugh.

ImGumbyDammit237d ago (Edited 237d ago )

No, they get to laugh now But, it is definitely not the last laugh. The law gets the last laugh. Many of these crackers/pirates will get caught and like many tossed in jail crying like little bitches that they are. It happens all the time. Just a few months ago a group was taken down and each person they caught spilled the beans on several other members all while they pissed in their pants as they saw their futures gone. Now some will spend time in jail. Others, pay large fines. Almost everyone will not be allowed near computers or any type of electronic device.

I have a friend who lost his ride to Stanford because he was caught as a distributor. He didn't crack, he didn't store. or allowing downloading. He just was one who posted the cracked software to sites for a group. Het was a minor player and although he didn't go to jail, he lost his scholarship, had $30,000 in fines plus lawyer fees, and couldn't be around a computer or the net/online (this was 1998) for 3 years. He got off light compared to some he knew.

Hint: if you don't like the copy protection don't buy the game. It is that simple. You do not have the right to crack and do what you want to a game. Especially not to give it away. This one of the reasons PC gaming has been held back in many ways over the years and will continue to be. If a company decides to load a game with DRM that is on them not you to decide. Vote with your dollars. Doing so through thievery only proves the point that more onerous DRM is necessary.

CodeNameTBW2237d ago

Catch one pirates, millions take their place, Shut down one site fifty clones show up in a week. Once upon a time the music industrially made thous same threats. Pff see how that played out. Movies went the same route as well. PC Games are already on the way. Mighty Denuvo is fighting hard to save it but ultimately losing.

All these devs need to do is make a better games. So ppl will want to buy it. E.xg "Witcher" If not,

Then Pirates will always win in the end.............

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