Polybius Hasn't Made a 'Penny' on PS4/PSVR, Which is a Tragedy

To date, the best experience I've had using a PlayStation VR was Statik. The second best: Polybius. But while my personal enjoyment of the transfixing arcade game has been invaluable, it apparently hasn't been enjoyed by many others.

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masterfox184d ago

Polybius ?, well next time they need to put a bit more effort and create something more immersive, just because throw in a bunch of colorful pixels at your face running with smooth framerate it doesn't mean you will have instant success, take for example the new Wipeout VR patch , the patch is totally free to download and suddenly it transforms Wipeout into the best VR experience up to this moment, in other words a message for this developer: create something appealing and not a type of LSD game. ;)

ZeroX9876183d ago (Edited 183d ago )

The game is playable without VR and even then didn't made much

Rangerman1208183d ago

Have you even heard about the Polybius urban legend? The game is supposed to be an LSD game. Besides, as far as an LSD-type game goes, this is one of the good ones. The worst type of LSD game I played was One Way Trip.

Einhander1971184d ago

I agree to a certain extent Wipeout VR is incredible, but love Polybius as well especially in VR. Can't believe Jeff Minter hasn't made much from this title. I love all the retro stuff that's been thrown in there, but I expect to most it goes over there heads. Personally I think it's brilliant as usual an underrated gem.

Einhander1971184d ago

This is a tragedy Jeff Minter is a legend, playing Polybius in VR is one hell of an experience. I love all the retro touches, that gamers nowadays won't appreciate. I think that's the problem games of this quality aren't appreciated in this day and age. If it's not open world multiplayer tripe then it's not noticed. I personally love Polybius a true underrated gem:)

Venox2008184d ago

i am a big fan of Polybius on PSVR (bought it day one)..its really sad that not many people picked this looks amazing in VR

SaxScrotumz184d ago

Such a shame. Playing this in VR is an absolute blast!

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