Top 10 Hardest Games of All Time

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "Some people play games to relax. Others to test their skills against their friends, family and other players around the world. Other gamers just like put themselves through the must punishing gauntlets imaginable. Why? Why not! Playing challenging games and eventually besting them is one of the best accomplishments a gamer can have in their repertoire and is often cited as a badge of honor for years to come. So for this week's installment of our Top 10 countdown, we're taking a look at the most brutal, difficult and challenging games we can think of. Are you good enough to beat these 10 beasts?"

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chaos-emeralds1126d ago

Completed 2 of those. Nothings as hard as that sonic the hedgehog reboot.

Last_Boss1126d ago

Not hard, just really poor mechanics.

michellelynn09761126d ago

I beat all except FTL and God's Hand (never played em).

TheRealHeisenberg1126d ago

I only played NG2, MTP, Contra and G&G from that list. All were hard but G&G gave me the biggest fit, I don't even remember finishing that one.

LoveSpuds1126d ago

Ghost n Goblins was never designed to be completed in my opinion, it was designed to take all your money in the arcades.

I loved that game ever since playing it on Commodore 64 as a kid but I have never completed it either, despite attempts on different platforms over the years, its so damn hard. I went on to adore Ghouls n Ghosts, particularly on my Amiga but especially whenever I happened across it in an arcade machine.

I see some claims here of people beating that game, but I would be pretty sure that it wasn't done without continues etching.

TheRealHeisenberg1126d ago

I never played G&G in the arcades but spent many frustrating hours playing on home consoles using continue after continue. I don't remember there being any save points either.

nitus101126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

The only way I completed the Ghost n Goblins game was to play it on an emulator, that way you could save prior to fighting a boss. In the purest sense, I suppose you could consider that a cheat although I did not use any cheat codes.

One game I completely gave up on was Battletoads although around that time I became much more interested in games that had RPG elements and those genres I still prefer today.

bigmalky1125d ago

I never beat G&G either, but did beat Super Ghouls and Ghosts on Snes years later.

Patience and learning got me through, same with most difficult games.

C64 era arcade games were mostly unbeatable without cheats. Midnight Resistance, Renegade, Bad Dudes... Jeez, kids have no idea.

Muigi1126d ago

Ninja gaiden 1&2 were hard as hell!

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mocaak1126d ago

I played NG Sigma 2, I don't know if it's any different in terms of difficulty from NG 2, but to me it was much easier than the first one.

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The story is too old to be commented.