Metro 2033 Diaries Part Eight

Andrew Duncan from GameGrin writes, "This is my ongoing exploration of the Metro games, played in release order. I will chronicle my playthrough of each title in turn and discuss any recurring themes and noteworthy events. This time I continue Metro 2033 Redux."

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IamTylerDurden1282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

2033 has arguably the best atmosphere ever in an fps. 33 > Last Light.

I have a lot of respect for 4A. 2033 was underrated on the 360 and Metro Redux was an extremely well done remaster. This team from the Ukraine has had to make each game in terrible conditions yet they did a great job. 2033 did not have a big budget, their publisher went out of business during Last Light, and they made Redux near a warzone where they had to literally sneak PS4s and XB1s in.

PhobeB281d ago

I had no idea this all had happened and yet they still brought us an incredible series of games. Mad respect to 4A.