Mega Drive Mini Is Based on “New and Improved” AtGames Technology

The newly-announced Mega Drive Mini is based on AtGames technology, even if it's a "New and improve" version, which will also come west.

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porkChop277d ago

Well, that killed all interest I had in the Mega Drive Mini. No thank you.

Vits277d ago

So... it will feature a lot of sound distortion and some frame skipping here and there?

Derceto276d ago

Improved AtGames technology, is still shoddy technology. Get rid of these clowns already Sega.

bouzebbal276d ago

Can anybody explain what that means?

cha0sknightmare276d ago

It means a lazy company that half asses all their products, uses cheap components and rubbish emulation is building it.

Which means the product is going to be absolute dumpster fire garbage. Stay clear.

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