The +18 lewd Tamagotchi-like game “Pocket Waifu” has landed on Nutaku

Nutaku pays homage to the old-school and iconic Tamagotchi from the late 90’s, ensuring an 18+ experience with all the right feelings of nostalgia. Are you up for the challenge? Pocket Waifu will have gamers feeling like the hentai version of Hugh Hefner.

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TGG_overlord187d ago

I like dark-skinned girls. I just can't help it :3

PhoenixUp187d ago

Me too they’re the best

TGG_overlord187d ago

Hehe ;) Have you watched the anime "New Game"? I love Umiko Ahagon the most :3

PhoenixUp186d ago

I saw two episodes but I can’t behind the idea of an 18 year old who looks like they’re 12

notachance187d ago

this is gonna be one of those article that lands on hot but with few comments isn't it?

meshowz187d ago

Ofc, lets be honest, no one here for the comments.

TGG_overlord187d ago

That sounds very likely, yes :P

TGG_overlord187d ago

Maybe, but that's only because people are busy with "other" matters atm *cough cough*

Knushwood Butt187d ago

I'd prefer their apartment.

That way they can clean their own hair out of the plug hole.

TGG_overlord186d ago

What do you mean? Because this is your only comment :S