How video game reboots have evolved from Mega Man Legends to God of War 4

The greatest challenge in reinventing an established franchise these days frequently comes down to retaining the series’ essence within the parameters of the contemporary blockbuster format. Developers frequently pull elements like crafting systems or skill trees into these reinventions, because they know those mechanics tickle their fans’ endorphins.

God of War 4’s warm reception certainly represents a change from the way things were back in the original PlayStation era, when games like Capcom’s Mega Man Legends attempted to reinvent aging franchises and found far more resistance.

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SuperSonic91192d ago

If there will be a crowd funding to remake Megaman Legends 1 &2 to modern gaming quality I will surely support it.

Love it Love it Love it!

PhoenixUp192d ago

Mega Man Legends wasn’t a platformer

God of War however is still an action adventure game