Billy Mitchell's Donkey Kong and All Other Records Removed

After many months of researching, Twin Galaxies administration has determined the dispute made by Jeremy Young (@xelnia) to be accepted. Alongside this, all of Billy Mitchell's scores have been removed from Twin Galaxies leaderboards.

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strayanalog241d ago

Yikes. This makes me look at King of Kong a bit differently now.

PhoenixUp240d ago

It isn’t on like Donkey Kong

irishyort240d ago

Billy the myth, relating perfectly to the character "Fireblaster" from Pixels (A cheater) goes down lol too funny

PhantomS42240d ago

Eh, who cares when multiple people come out and say your a huge jerk in real life evidence of cheating comes as no surprise.

Protagonist240d ago (Edited 240d ago )

Wow what a ride this has been Lol... I saw "King of Kong" a couple of years ago... an interesting and fun documentary.. -