50 Things We Can't Wait to Try in Fallout 3

Xboxist has created a list of interesting things players will be able to do in the upcoming open-world RPG, Fallout 3.

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Kal8533657d ago

I'm sorry but that was a stupid article, and it had a very deceiving title. All it basically did was list skills and say things like "play in first or third-person perspective". Is that what you call something you can't wait to try? I'm drooling in anticipation of Fallout 3, and when you dangle an article that says "50 awesome things to try in the game" and then say "not really, we're just going to list what we read on the game description", it pisses me off.

I've never posted any negative opinions or complaints on this site before, but this was just crap.

ASSASSYN 36o3657d ago

Im with you white. That was a retarded pointless article.

clinker3657d ago

Personally, I cant wait to try "Nailing an enemy’s body against a wall using the railway spike gun"