SOCOM Confrontation Marred by Missing Features?

SOCOM: Confrontation launched yesterday and while it comes right out of the box with many of the features gamers were expecting (and a Bluetooth mic if you got that edition), many others seem to be missing.

This list includes good clan support and what most people are complaining about, the ability to follow friends into a game.

Welcome to the world where consoles have hard drives and their games are just as "finished" as PC games. Can you say day 1 patches?


Trophies coming in a patch but you'll have to wait a "couple of weeks":

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Harry Flopper3657d ago

Lies,I have it and it has all the features promised.

Fantastic bluetooth headset btw

ravinshield3657d ago

you dont have to lie boy, we all know how Fony is


stick to playing compress games little man . Only wish your mami can afford a ps3 for you . go sell lemonade

ravinshield3656d ago

what are you talking about blacky, i can buy u if i wanted too.

Hagaf223657d ago

Proximity chat!!? this guy is complaining about it, thats one of the best functions, if you want to be dumb enough to talk the whole time you play, youre dumb enough to die because of it. i love proximity chat for so many reasons.

The gaming GOD3657d ago

Proximity chat adds realism.

gamerdude113657d ago

"Proximity chat also lets you hear enemies talking "

That is the point of proximity chat. You can hear anyone in the proximity. In the beta I would talk to members on the opposing team. This feature should be standard in all PS3 multiplayer games.

ud3657d ago

Woah I didn't know the game had that feature, I think it's awesome! and I couldn't agree with you more. All multiplayer games needs it, well at least shooters, but not if you have to choose it as a perk (COD4) :p

Ju3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

So, with the proxy chat, is the mic always on, then ? I am just curious. That would make sense, because that's what it be in the real world, no ? Or does it produce a lot of noise.

I am on the fence for this one, but I am not much of an online gamer. But I'd like to try how it plays.

Hagaf223657d ago

proximity chat means that if you are near someone and they are talking you hear them regardless of whether or not they have their mic keyed, you have to key your mic to talk to your whole team though. so if soulja boy on the other team is listening to his loud music you hear him coming and get the advantage, which is why its such a great addition to the game, if you want to play a tactical shooter then play don't think this is a run and gun that you can talk the whole time through.

jwatt3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

yea it actually sounds pretty good, you hear your teammates talking as they walk by and it gets louder as they get closer. I also have surround sounds which makes it alot better. The only game I can think of with the same feature is Halo but I think it's a very cool thing to have.

Ju3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

My all time favorites are Graw2 and RB6V2. I'd call these two tactical, so would I be happy in Socom Confrontation ? I like the Bravo Team games on the PSP, but haven't played them on the PS yet.

And you say, you can still "radio" your teammates by pressing the com ?

Gam713657d ago

Proximity chat sounds amazing.
Why hasn't it been done before?

I hope more games follow suit

SouljaBoyTellem3657d ago

Aye this ya boy Soulja Boy Tellem aye listen right I don't know what 1.5 is talking about man I don't be playin no loud music while I play all I do is get head shots ya feel me? And who the hell plays PS3 anyway, u heard it right here f*ck PS3 ya dig. Anybody who wanna take a headshot from me hit me up on and on Xbox Live gamertag Souljaboytellem nah mean but check this out can't nobody beat me in no Call of Duty 4, Gears of War, Halo 3 nothing ya feel me? Superman that ho.

JBaby3433657d ago

I really hope this keeps idiots from blasting music while they play. If you got killed for it because people heard you coming that would be great. Realistic proximity chat all the way.

Blackfrican3657d ago

see: November 9th 2004 (Halo 2 release date)

DaTruth3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Million dollar question: Is there proximity chat and team chat or just proximity chat cause if it's both I'm jumping in my car now.

and does the PS3 official headpiece make a difference?

Gam713657d ago


Is in halo 3 because i might have to play it again.

jwatt3657d ago

Yea it's in halo 2 and 3 but it sort of has a different feel in Socom when your trying to sneak around and when someones in another room it sounds like they're in another room.

Gam713657d ago

Thanks i'll have to check it out.

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Pennywise3657d ago

Can you say "Wah wah baby?"

Gam713657d ago

yeah you do that a lot.

docsavage3657d ago

Actually other people are complaining, I'm just pointing it out. I think it's a great idea and yes, it's more realistic to hear everything going on around you. The problem I think is that people are comfortable with their secret channels and weren't expecting this change.

Pennywise3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Sounds like complaining to me. I can see why people dont like it, but they want realism... this takes it to the next lvl.

@Doc - GTA hardly made everyone happy. I was very let down by it.

Hagaf223657d ago

maybe theyll learn to stop talking and play. its an awesome feature and if people dont see that then they can stop playing, wont hurt my feelings.

docsavage3657d ago

Both good points and it will hopefully stop some of the mindless chatter you have to deal with in too many MP games now.

While we're talking realism, don't they (the troops) have special mics that would be quieter than you hear in the game? Perhaps they should have added some axis controls that provided hand signals you could use instead of talking, that would have been cool.

But again, haven't played but this is what you can find at the SOCOM boards and other places. You know you can't please everyone unless it's MGS or GTA.

The Lazy One3657d ago

they'd join the army or go paintballing.

I enjoy the feature personally, but it should be optional not mandatory. Sometimes people just like to talk to my friends while I shoot people.


because they dont know its a feature . people are running around saying how come i can here my enemy . I told you people are stupid and they complain about shii they dont know about .

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NegativeCreepWA3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

I noticed the quick matches, tournaments and the calender options are no longer in the menu. I hope they get the quick matches up and running because its like the party system in COD and Halo.

edit: It would be nice if more than one person could talk at the same time. It gets annoying when someones mic is stuck on and no one else can talk because of it.

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