How The Division Is Making A Mockery Of Destiny 2

Narrative, content, design. The Division is proving much better value over time.

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Parasyte194d ago

The Division has proven to be a great game after Massive et al. worked their butts off to fix it. I think we should wait until The Division 2 comes out before we compare the two. If they make the same mistakes as they did with the first game, then they are no better than Bungie.

JROCKNXL194d ago

agree with you on that! I took awhile for The Division to be great

zerocarnage194d ago

I think it always has made destiny look stupid personally, acti and bunnies just clearly have not got a clue what they're doing and when you add that with the idea of charging premium prices to me that's really a bad dangerous concoction..

Fist4achin194d ago

You said bunnies! I love it

TedCruzsTaint194d ago

Bought Destiny about a month prior to grabbing Division on sale, with all the DLC. Haven't played Destiny since, but Division is a regular for me. Says a lot.

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_FantasmA_194d ago

Wrong. The only thing making a mockery of Destiny 2 is Destiny 2. Bungie is ruining Destiny 2, me thinks so they can get cut loose from Activision or so they don't have to make another crappy Halo-esuq shooter at least.

thehitman1398194d ago

If you think bungie is destroying their rep just so they can cut ties with the company THEY signed with on their own. Just so they don't have to do another halo-esuq shooter which BUNIGE themself crafted and wanted to make with destiny........ then you are the reason why destiny is what it is....

People keep giving bungie another excuse or another reason or some b.s. as to why it's not their own fault. If you watch interviews, or watch some documentaries on what happened with destiny and then also happened to destiny 2 you will clearly see that bungie has lost its soul. And they are never going to be able to get it back.

_FantasmA_194d ago (Edited 194d ago )

I'm not defending Bungie. They aren't anything special to me. The only Halo I liked was the first one. Just because they still use the name Bungie, doesn't mean its quality.

I do have to give credit for Bungie making the first few Halo games with so many different multiplayer modes. I really wish more games would have Mercenary type of game modes for solo players to be able to jump with other freelancers. Call of Duty had it in Black Ops 1 for awhile and then it was removed last time I checked.

It's sad that Destiny 2 has so few game modes in the The Crucible and that it's random selection. I haven't played since October so I don't know what changes have been implemented, but compared to Halo 3 and even Destiny 1, the multiplayer feels like it's an extra game mode that they just decided to add in when you buy the campaign and PVE stuff.

Kokyu194d ago

Um Destinys original plan was a third person space oprea like Mass Effect once Actvision came into the picture it became a halo clone fps shooter.

KwietStorm194d ago

That would be a pretty stupid ass game plan, considering their contact is still fresh.

Kokyu194d ago

Warframe makes a mockery of both so what

Profchaos194d ago

Played that one on the launch of ps4 but from memory want it just death matches and other multiplayer stuff

Kokyu193d ago

Nope, it orginially was PVE and bare bones but as its five years old now has grown very big with a varity of things and missions to do. You can hunt small game, fish or track and kill giant monsters on the Plains of Eidolon. You have 8 different mission types and it also includeds PVP. A clan system, clan base and ships. The new expansion is coming soon beyond the plains opening up more of the Eidolon map. They have cinematic quest lines and story, 30 different Warframes and even though the game is F2P it isnt free to pay. Almost everything offered in the cash store can be abtained with game play and grind even Platium the real money cash of the game. The only things that cant be earned in game is the skins and cosmetic packs for frames, ships, weapons, kurbo, kavat etc.

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