Ex-PlayStation boss Andrew House: Consoles have a bright future

Andrew House is no longer at Sony, but he still thinks that consoles like the PlayStation 4 have big future ahead of them.

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Hardiman190d ago

They sure do and the PS4/Pro and Switch are proof of this!

FallenAngel1984190d ago

I still remember how the misinformed media tried to push a doom and gloom narrative for the future of consoles at the beginning of the decade

Tsar4ever01190d ago

Didn't even notice it earlier but PlayStation already has it's own GAAS as part of it's PSN service model. It's "Free-to-Play" games & "Streaming", ala PSNow as part of it's "Adaptive Monetization ", according to Ex-PlayStation Boss Andrew House.

PhoenixUp190d ago

Consoles have successfully existed for the past 46 years and they’ll successor exist for the next 46 years.

190d ago
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