The Far Cry Series Needs To Let Things Break Again

Far Cry 5 suggests a world on the brink of a violence apocalypse, but the game’s sanitized gameplay and clean-cut power fantasy ultimately ring hollow. If the series wants to make a case for human savagery, it should look back to Far Cry 2, a game that wasn’t afraid to let things break.

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Hardiman282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

I know I'm in the minority but I loved part 2! The saves were really bad and the respawning enemies were aggravating but I loved it! I looked great and I loved the African setting!

I liked that the guns jammed and the fact you had to make sure you had malaria meds added even more tension! I still can't believe part 2 looked graphically better than part 3!

GamesMaster1982282d ago

A break you must have malaria like the farcry 2 character . As farcry has not been as good as 5 since 3 . Yes 2 was decent but travel was a pain in the ass . Story was shit also , then 3 came and gave it a new life . 4 and Pimal were forgettable Blood dragon was a fun side story that should of been a bigger longer game . And 5 has brought it back to life once more and I, and as sales are going also, many many more can’t wait for more

spartan112g282d ago

I don’t get these writers. I still think Far Cary 2 was the worst Far Cry game to date. Even worse than Primal. Between the malaria and the guns breaking, Game wasn’t fun.

TheOttomatic91282d ago (Edited 282d ago )


Yi-Long282d ago

As a recent video showed, the physics in Far Cry 2 and enemy AI were amazing, even compared to the most recent game, but there were too many things wrong with that game, which kept it, for many people, from being truly enjoyable. Breaking weapons, respawning enemies, etc.

Would be nice if current games could bring that level of detail and AI intelligence back, but please keep the frustrating and annoying stuff out.

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