The 10 Best Racing Games on PlayStation 4

Own a PlayStation 4 and have a need for speed? Here are the 10 best racing games that you should definitely have in your collection.

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Marked1381d ago

10? Why such a large list for racing on PS4? Why not just say..."every top rated racer except Dirt 4 and Project Cars 2" I would have been impressed is they could pick a few and validate the choices.

letsa_go1381d ago

Here is the list so you don't have to go to this crappy website and click through all the pages. Yay for adblock!

10. Gran Turismo Sport
9. WipEout Omega Collection
8. Burnout Paradise Remastered
7. DiRT Rally
6. Driveclub
5. TT Isle of Man
4. Gravel
3. Mantis Burn Racing
2. Ride 2
1. F1 2017

xer01381d ago

Woah... what happened to Project Cars?

C-H-E-F1381d ago

wait why is GT Sport 10, the only thing i dislike about GT Sport is the best Bad SR you get when someone hits you when cornering. I really don't understand the logic behind it, like if i'm in the inner lane and the guy hits me, why am I losing SR for it.

letsa_go1381d ago

The numbering might be opposite, with GT Sport at #1. I just copied from the site in the order they showed them. They didn't number them.

Cyborgg1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

Driveclub is definitely the best looking Race car game

crazychris41241381d ago

definitely not the best gameplay