Massively: One Shots: The unchanging desert

It was here, it was gone, now it is back again. No, Massively is not talking about the seasons -- they're talking about Ryzom! They're glad to see that it was brought back online, and as of August, was allowing new players to check out the world again. Today's One Shots comes to them from the very strange lands of Ryzom, and was sent in to them by Zxy of Arispotle. Zxy tells them more about the above screenshot: "Desert is always the same. Summer or winter, rainy or fair weather - you always have sand, wind and sun mixed in a constant proportion. Locals will never understand what we, raised in the Forest, feel when a sudden glimpse of green emerges from behind the nearest dune. For a second you put away your digging pick and dream of home."

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