We've Finally Gotten Spiderman Away From Activision's Grubby Hands

With Activision having rights to the Spiderman IP for a decade or so and nearly destroying the franchise, "I for one can't wait for Insomniac and Sony to unleash the true potential of the Spiderman IP."

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KiRBY30002297d ago

If I could have chosen any studio to develop a Spider-Man game, I would have picked Insomniac. This whole thing is perfect.

DigitalRaptor2298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

I'd love to hear the in-depth story about how it came to be, but here's the lowdown.

- Marvel Games came to Sony wanting their expertise in making a AAA single-player game with one of Marvel's properties.
- Sony was tasked with sourcing a studio they saw fit, and presented Insomniac Games.
- Insomniac was given a choice of which superhero, and Bryan Intihar convinced Ted Price to let him take the lead with Spider-Man.
- The rest is history.

What we're seeing now is what happens when the game is in the hands of people who care.

PATR1CKSOMMER2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

Honestly.. I could find a few things I would like added and/or different, BUT... that being said... this is the absolute best Spider-Man game ever made, without any other Spidey game coming close or even compareable. This is going to be amazing.

(Though, I actaully really liked "Ultimate Spiderman", was a fun and different game back then, not comparing though.. because, compared to this new one.. it sucked HARD).


You speak as though you played it. Have you? I’m not trying to be funny but to make a statement like that would suggest you played every previous Spider-Man game as well as this one.

Minute Man 7212297d ago

I had Ultimate Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction for the 360 due to BC but sold them back to Gamestop (those games kept there value) due to me believing I wouldn't have time to play them 😯 That was 2 big mistakes

princejb1342297d ago

yea lets wait until we actually play the game to judge. The e3 demo looks promising but we wont know until we actually play the game

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MonsterChef2297d ago

I think a lot of people are failing to see that right around the time that this game started development, Sony studios was under heavy pressure to either give up on their rights for Spider-Man to marvel studios or collaborate with them. What we are seeing is a compromise between the two, I believe that Spider-Man in the MCU was more urgent than Disney initially lead us to believe which is why Sony gained exclusive rights to the game license of Spiderman

Zeref2297d ago

They don't have exclusive rights to Spiderman lol

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Jeff2572297d ago

Marvel started looking at how to treat their properties better in video games in 2014 after the deal with Activision expired. It is why we will be seeing a multi platform Avengers game from Square Enix that is being developed by Crystal Dynamics. It was also during that time Marvel approached Sony about developing a game that was treated as well as Sony treats 1st party titles. Whether those talks were part of the movie deal is unclear. What is clear is that Sony chose Insomniac and went to them about the deal. Insomniac had free reign over any character in the Marvel Universe but they are the ones who decided on Spider-Man. It wasn't Sony or Marvel who made that decision. http://www.playstationlifes... I get why people do assume that it was up to Sony though since yes they have controlled the movie fate of Spider-Man for decades now. I actually think having Insomniac choose Spider-Man does bode well for the game overall though as it is clearly something that wanted to do and get right.

princejb1342297d ago

sony studios wasnt doing anything amazing with spiderman. But who would force them to give up the rights to spiderman? They can do whatever they want with him since they bought the rights to spiderman back when marvel almost went bankrupt

Clunkyd2296d ago

You're so WRONG lol

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AlphaCentyros2297d ago

“What we're seeing now is what happens when the game is in the hands of people who care.”

THIS! The footage so far really shows that the game has been developed by Spiderman fans. I’m very certain that Insomniac and Playstation will do Spidey justice.

madforaday2297d ago

If this Spider-Man does well, this just looks great on Sony and IG part. This could mean Disney could start talking with Sony again about another Marvel video game.

Vizigoth042297d ago

Bingo. Especially if they were given the choice of which superhero/universe to make. I'm curious how big of a list they had to choose from and what would be their second pick?

outsider16242297d ago

Hell...even Star wars could get some single player love...

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Hardiman2298d ago

Such a great thing and we'd never get a game of this caliber from them!

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vork772297d ago

there is some good activision spider-man games that i like and remember they did not make the games they publish it

Majin-vegeta2297d ago

Web of shadow and shattered dimensions were good

Hardiman2297d ago

Those are two favs as well!

vork772297d ago

and ultimate spider-man