Insomniac Games addresses amount of QTEs in the upcoming Spider-Man game (via Twitter)

When a person on Twitter voiced their concern of the amount of QTEs in the game, Insomniac said: "There are a very very minor point of the game used at cinematic set pieces”

darthv722293d ago

It wont be much of an issue as there are very few from what has been shown. besides, if there are... it is for cinematic effect. QTE's dont bother me.

G3ng4r2292d ago

Any sony fan should be used to QTE's by now as they're in most of their first party games, not sure where the issue is to begin with. QTE's can be seen as lazy or just something to fill out the time in bloated cutscenes but fans eat them up.

OffRoadKing2292d ago

No ones "eating them up" they're a form of input to make things happen in a game, theres only so many buttons on a controller and if a scene is too complex to be done fully by the player a QTE is just a method for allowing interactivity through that scene which is better than having all control taken away and just watching. Whats truly lazy is your trolling, people cant find anything to complain about for this games so they grasp at straws over a game mechanic that's been around for years and has been in many games on Microsoft's console as well. Next thing you guys will complain about is pushing up on the stick to make the character walk.

sinspirit2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

When there is already a system in place for hit boxes and normal combat, with QTE's commonly being a bonus way to handle situations, it actually requires a lot more animation work along with balancing when and how they should be triggered. Because, they want to give more ways to defeat somebody than just hitting or shooting them repeatedly. Sorry, that you don't have variety in your available gameplay options.

No one is clinging onto this pitiful argument except for people writing anti Sony fan banter like yourself.

kingfortoday2292d ago

Just as xboys love turning left every year why change anything when you can keep playing it the same forever which is beyond lazy, many can see it that way

NeoGamer2322292d ago

QTEs have been successful in Quantic Dream games, and action games like God of War, Devil May Cry, and of course the QTE heavy Asura's Wraith for boss battles.

Insomniac are really good at platforming/action games but there use of QTE is relatively unproven.

Personally, I am not against it, but the key to QTE like Spider-Man has to be something where success in the game is not highly dependent on it.

KickSpinFilter2292d ago

It's true I prefer sub-par limited exclusives if they come out at all, on the beast of a machine that I bought into for some reason.

zackeroniii2292d ago

go play your sea of thieves and crackdown 3........

oh wait.

oasdada2292d ago

LOL sony fans? you should know.. oh wait you dont because QTE's require cutscenes.. which actually requires story.. which sadly your games dont have!

cyclindk2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

This guy’s comments history is scary....

sprinterboy2291d ago

In the UK we call people like you pricks

G3ng4r2291d ago

Such varied responses. You all have a lot of feelings about QTE's, huh?

GrubsterBeater2291d ago

Wasn't the Tomb Raider TIMED exclusive, that you guys championed on the XBox One, full of QTE's throughout the game?

I recall you guys calling it the greatest thing since sliced bread at that point in time, but now it's somehow this mire on gaming, that's exclusive only to Sony games?

You guys really need to stop grasping at these straws, because you guys barely have any strawmans to even create in the delusional, fantastical world of XBox fanboys.

Just know that when this game comes out to critical acclaim from critic and gamer, we will be enjoying this marvel of a game (I know..), while you get to enjoy..... PUBG..? Maybe a 360 game..?..

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Seraphim2292d ago

QTEs don't bother me when
a. done right
b. used sparingly

Its funny how what was an advancement in gaming such as QTEs became such a hindrance. If provided in a manner in which time is given and the button prompt allows you still watch the scene then QTEs are being properly used. However, when you're forced to input w/in a split second while removing your eyes from the frame of action it becomes burdensome and annoying.

Xb1ps42292d ago

Doesn’t bother me either when it’s done right and not over done.. the game is in good hands some ppl just need to relax and wait for September...

SarcasticDuck2292d ago

People complain about QTE's but Telltales made a living out of just that lol

KwietStorm_BLM2292d ago

There is a lot that has been shown. That's the whole point of the concern. Insomniac is saying it looks that way because the areas shown happen to take advantage of them. We'll have to see later.

BlackTar1872291d ago

Your concern is so fake.

But a ps4 and stop being so bitter

KwietStorm_BLM2291d ago

I have every PlayStation ever released. Your comment is silly as hell and unnecessary. Ironically it's typical around here. Can't have any rational discussion. Either you agree with everything or lolz buy a PS4. Too many kids on this site.

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DigitalRaptor2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

They shouldn't have to do this.

They gave the same response months back. https://twitter.com/insomni...

They person in charge of Insomniac's Twitter account is a legend but they should just start ignoring these comments.

ShadowWolf7122292d ago

They've literally said this since the first E3 showing.

This is getting ridiculous, at this point this is more FUD than legitimate questions.

sinspirit2292d ago

But, they have to post articles to pretend like some hidden negative thing has come up. If not for bias, it's just because it generates hits, and most of the time are from a small amateur site from clueless reviewers attempting to spark attention seeking conversation.

81BX2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

Wtf? Who cares?!?!?! Let them make the game they want to and if it's bad ... gamers will decide

T2X2292d ago

Because people just must bitch about everything (It's our opinion!!! Our opinion MUST BE HEARD!!!) Even when something hasn't come out yet. They suck the enjoyment out of everything.