Crysis HD Textures 2018 features 2.1GB of textures from CryEngine 3.5.8 and Crysis 3 The Lost Island

Modder ‘condros’ has released a brand new Texture Pack for the original Crysis game. This Texture Pack features 2.1GB of textures that were ripped from both CryEngine 3.5.8 and Crysis 3 The Lost Island multiplayer DLC.

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akaFullMetal286d ago

I'm surprised this hasnt been redone for current systems. Ps3 and 360 could barely run the game last gen.

Sniperwithacause286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

Wish they would redo the crysis games for current gen! Hell with it being this late in the gen, I'd even wait for a remaster on the PS5. They really were beautiful games last gen.

JaguarEvolved286d ago

I've always said they need to port the crisis trilogy on the ps4 and Xbox one. Maybe they'll do it next generation which will be easier.

kevnb286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

the game is kind of awkward playing on a tv, it was obviously made to be played closely in front of a monitor. I expect a bunch of down votes from console only gamers on this one, but just try playing the pc version on a tv with a game pad vs playing the traditional way.

indysurfn286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

I agree there may be a lot of down votes for your comment, but so far only one out of three! Anyway I also agree with your sentiment at first except if you have a high end 4k tv with fast refresh I think that may be a game changer.

I few times I had the same sentiment for PC games did not see them playing right on console but they did. Unreal, and Doom being some of the first. Also PC style RPG's in general.

End the end you may be right but I will be willing to give it a try if they let me.

PATR1CKSOMMER286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

Because the game sucks... it has always sucked, it was good to test your hardware and try those physics with the trees etc... but other than that, the story and general game sucked and still sucks.

Also, just look at the screenshots.. it looks awful still, with HD textures and shit.. pft , just stop.

kevnb286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

no the game is an awesome sandbox shooter. The story isn't that strong, but it really doesn't matter since its not spending much time with it. This isn't some console style shooter with big fancy boring cut scenes piecing together the overly linear crappy campaign, this is the last of the big budget single player gameplay focused pc exclusive shooters. I cant really think of games even to this day that can compete with it on a technical level, new games simply arent as interactive nor do they have the same scope. For example compare it to uncharted 4, at any given time you see 4 times as much on screen that is all interactive (not just backdrops and clever boundaries).

indysurfn286d ago

This is true but even on PC the game SUCKED because of the frame rate. This will fix the game rate, plus they have a chance to refine the game play. They have to know what they did wrong by now.

kevnb286d ago

we’ve been able to play the game at a good frame rate on pc for years now, hardware is much faster than in 2007.

TRU3_GAM3R286d ago (Edited 286d ago )

The game has higher score on metacritic than the first uncharted both released same year

Eurogamer give it 9/10

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TheEnigma313286d ago

I wish more devs used the CryEngine. Suck they went under.

ChickeyCantor286d ago

The render techniques are pretty much normalized nowadays. Not sure why people want CryEngine specifically, you still need the artistic vision to make things look good.

BioShockGX286d ago

Please no.
Have you seen the size of kingdom come deliverance patches? Changing a few codes leads to redownloading the whole pack, hence each patch is above 20gb, that's CryEngine for you.