Gaming Age Preview: High Voltage Hot Rod Show

High Voltage Hot Rod Show is a slick and fast-paced racer that challenges up to 4 players to tear up the track on a variety of off-road courses, mastering death-defying stunts and building enough Boost to stomp the competition. Players must learn to tame their monster Hot Rods by nailing ramps, powerslides, bunny-hops and tricks, while avoiding mud pits and smashing through Boost Rings to fill their Boost Meters. Players can compete against seven CPU opponents in Championship mode, or set their best lap times in the Time Trials. Top times can be uploaded to an online scoreboard via Wi-Fi Connection and shared with players around the world. Multiplayer supports up to four players in split-screen mode, giving each player a wide range of controller choices. High Voltage Hot Rod Show is an addictive racer that fully leverages the company's cutting-edge Wii technology!

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