Gaming Age Online: Linger in Shadows Review

On top of being a demo, Plastic and Sony have found a way to work some secrets and even official Trophies into Linger in Shadows. They even tossed in the ability to take screenshots and save them directly to the hard drive. Even though it's not a real game per se, and the clip itself is technically 7 minutes long, there is enough to play around/watch with for maybe an hour. It kept Gaming Age Online thoroughly fixated and entertained for that whole time, and they could imagine others may just not get much out of it. It's definitely subjective. It's hard to rate a piece of art, and they'll refrain from doing that here. But for $2.99, they feel that Linger in Shadows is both a worthy experience as well as a very interesting high-def and PS3 showpiece. They look forward to the next demoscene.

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