1UP: Valhalla Knights 2 Review

Jason Wilson from 1UP writes:

"I knew that the first Valhalla Knights had a bad rap: Copy desk compadre Andrew Fitch warned me about it, and 1UP reviews editor Ryan Scott couldn't find anyone willing to review its sequel. However, when I noticed that Valhalla Knights 2 had an adventurers' guild, I got excited. One of my favorite role-playing games, The Bard's Tale, has an adventurers' guild, and while it may seem like a silly thing to get jazzed about, just thinking of those wonderful adventures convinced me that Valhalla Knights 2 might have something worthwhile to offer.

And it really does have a good idea or two. But it buries these beneath a game that sometimes feels like it's purposefully difficult to understand; generic monsters, magic, and mayhem; and more grinding than you'd find at the Oscar Meyer wiener works."

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