Ten Games That Deserve a Modern Remake

"While reboots and remasters are great ways to keep titles from the previous generations of consoles somewhat fresh, some games deserve an even greater effort to bring them back to life, especially some of those from the days of the Xbox, PlayStation 2, or even earlier."

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frostypants199d ago (Edited 199d ago )

The original Assassin's Creed got boring and repetitive incredibly quickly, even if the story was solid. I don't know many who actually played it through.

Also, add Demon's Souls and SSX Tricky.

ziggurcat199d ago (Edited 199d ago )

I played it (I think it's still an X360 exclusive game, is it not?) - compared to all of the other AC games to date, it's probably the worst one.

Want a Demon's Souls remaster bad.

SolidGear3199d ago

The original Assassin's Creed was going to originally be PlayStation 3 exclusive but went multiplatform. I had it on PS3 for awhile. It's the only AC I ever played.

SolidGear3199d ago

Ubisoft approached Sony about making it exclusive and even advertised it as such at E3 2006 but Sony passed on paying for exclusivity and it was released on all platforms.

CobraKai199d ago

I agree with Knights and Bushido Blade. I would also like Battle Arena Toshinden to make a comeback.

Fist4achin199d ago

From the pic used in the headline, the two older dated pics look better than last year's...

DivineAssault 199d ago

Demon Souls, the witcher 2, & red dead

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The story is too old to be commented.