Videogamer: GTR Evolution Review

Videogamer writes: "Some would consider the idea that people can derive enjoyment out of spending hours tinkering with spring, damper and suspension settings the first signs of mental illness, but we like nothing more than tweaking gear ratios, adjusting brake balances and getting our toe-in and camber angles just right. So when we heard that the latest addition to Simbin's racing stable included not only a whole host of new cars, but a faithful recreation of the legendary Nordschleife at the Nurburgring, we were practically drooling Castrol Magnatec in anticipation.

GTR Evolution is an add-on pack for Race '07, SimBin's World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) simulation. It builds on the original title by adding souped-up versions of the WTCC cars for a new arcade racing mode, plus a selection of supercars, including the super-sleek Audi R8 and the monstrous 806bhp Koenigsegg CCX. The most notable additions in the expansion, however, are the new tracks. Three variants of the Nurburgring circuit have been added to the already hefty track roster. The shortest of these is the modern Grand Prix circuit, which is the current host of the European Grand Prix. At just over three miles long, it's a pale shadow of the much more famous Nordschleife (Northern Loop), which, at just a shade under thirteen miles long, is an immense test of driving skill."

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