Far Cry 2's single-minded vision deserves to be remembered

Eurogamer: "Sequels tend to be like Russian dolls: they get bigger and bigger until the little doll that started it all is buried deep. Or to use a food analogy, like a Five Guys milkshake - taller and sweeter with more whipped cream on top every time. Who's going to say no to the extra sugar? Not me. And so the cycle continues. More cream is squeezed from the nozzle of a dispenser, a fatter doll is slotted into place and since we never look back, we take for granted that what we're enjoying is the way it's always been."

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fobekeh298d ago

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kevnb298d ago

Game wasn’t fun to play at all.

Vrabstin298d ago

That game was super fun to play. Engine felt better than 3 and on, too.

StrawberryDiesel420298d ago

I really liked the fire in Far Cry 2....very fun to mess with.

execution17298d ago

I miss the weapons breaking on you but I hated having to collect all those diamonds