PhoenixUp2297d ago

Switch has only been out for one year

It’s blasphemous to say it has a better library in one year than other recent Nintendo platforms like DS, Wii, 3DS, & Wii U had in their entire lifetimes

_-EDMIX-_2297d ago

Yeah that's a bit ridiculous in exaggerative I actually think that this is just the beginning of them releasing big properties as they have a long way to go.

So we still have Smash Brothers Pokemon maybe another Mario Kart Animal Crossing Donkey Kong Metroid Bayonetta and so many other properties left for them to release.

3-4-52295d ago

Yea 3DS has the best library

Imp0ssibl32297d ago

Almost all made by Nintendo

_-EDMIX-_2297d ago

well... that's probably one of the big reasons why you're starting to see less AAA third-party come around.

michellelynn09762292d ago

Um no. MORE are coming. You got any proof?

_-EDMIX-_2291d ago

Technically do you have any proof that they're coming? Because Far Cry 5 not having a switch version and the new Tomb Raider being announced with no switch version is very much showing that things are actually not changing.

You know the way things change? They're announcing switch versions upon their announcement of these games the fact that they're not on several of the biggest AAA games releasing this year it's starting to show that third-party is actually not changing their minds it would have already started happening right now especially with a team like Ubisoft that is always supported Nintendo it is very clear that they're not going to be releasing those type of AAA franchises on the Nintendo switch technically they would have already been doing it.

So Battlefront 2 Destiny 2 Call of Duty in a bunch of other AAA games that were released the last year not coming to the switch it's kind of showing that this mentality is probably going to continue for the rest of the generation by those specific publishers.

Unless you got some inside information that Far Cry 5 or Tomb Raider or the division 2 are coming to the switch I'm not really sure the recent announcements are helping your point.

Keep in mind the point that's being made is simply based on the recent announcements over multiple AAA games not having switch versions.

So in order for you to prove your point you actually need to prove that the exact opposite is happening with big AAA Publishers from upcoming games coming out in which I'm not even sure how you would have that information anyway lol

Arguing for the sake of arguing again?

Do you actually have a link to prove your point or do you have another strawman coming on?

Platformgamer2297d ago

mario odyssey.
the end, right now

Theknightofnights2297d ago

They really shouldn't have included 1-2 Switch...


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franwex17h ago(Edited 17h ago)

I’m part of the Wiiu numbers myself.

Which then make MK 8 a bit over 70 million!

phoenixwing15h ago

Maybe it's time I buy Mario kart for my switch. It's just so expensive atm

OtterX1h ago

The game has 96 tracks, how is that expensive for what you get? lol


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Nerdmaster27d ago

I wish Marvelous ported (or remade) Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns to current consoles and PC.
It's still the most polished game in the Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons series.