TGS 2008 on 'Home': What Would It Take To Make It Work? writes
"TGS is one of the first trade shows to make the jump to go digital. Joystiq has up an interesting piece comparing the 'Home' version of TGS 2008 to the real thing as far as visuals, but I'm much more interested in the experience and how it is similar/different. The article got me thinking; What would it take to make a virtual trade show appealing?

Hit the jump to hear five ways that online trade shows could be made more appealing"

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pwnsause3683d ago

or how about streaming keynotes/conferences of the show.

BrunoM3683d ago

AGREE with every idea it said here ... home wen its at 100% is gona be a BEAST for gamers ..

and yes press conferences and keynotes live for every one at home would rock i mean are gona rock lol...

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3682d ago

The whole idea of adding TGS to home is awesome. Now i can actually play the demos instead of watching shaky cam footage from a camera phone lol. I gotta admit though whoever snuck those trailers from square's closed theatre is funny. I thought it was supposed to be air tight with security I can't believe he got in.