How Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice was made as an 'indie triple-A' game on a tight budget

From EuroGamer: "Ninja Theory detailed how it made 2017 adventure game Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice with triple-A production values on a tight budget as part of a talk during this year's Game Developers Conference."

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darthv72202d ago

Ninja Theory does good work. I've enjoyed Heavenly Sword and Enslaved and this game has been well received. I would love them to make a sequel to Heavenly Sword or perhaps a remaster.

DaDrunkenJester202d ago

Yes, this was all known when the game was first released. Doesn't make it less impressive... just saying haha

Kumakai202d ago

indie devs put on notice. NT shows how its done.

Trueflames202d ago

Thxs ninja theory for launching on xbox in 4k mode as well :) i already pre order

isarai201d ago

I think this was far more important than people realize. They basically showed you can not only make a Triple AAA feel in an indie game/budget, but also that doing so openly to the community can be successful. They've made a splash and pretty soon we'll be seeing that wave take effect from other indie studios.