MARVEL Strike Force Arrives

The latest Marvel based adventure game has arrived and the trailer shows off some impressive action and characters, especially on a mobile platform.

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Zer0Flinch201d ago

C’mon how can you be so good at books and movies and suck this much getting games out to further monetize they property but instead we keep getting shit like this and that overpriced flop piece of shit that was omega.

Garethvk201d ago

Its all about as many outlets as you can get now so if one flops, the others cover it up.

Cmv38201d ago

Omega was actually fun. May not be your cup of tea. Was a bit over priced.

Garethvk201d ago

What made it overpriced?

Zer0Flinch200d ago

50$ for a 5 character pack and you got tokens for costumes when you owned the character already. It was aight I dunno if it was really super fun.