Crysis vs Far Cry – What the Hell happened?

It’s easy to forget that just over ten years ago, with Crysis and Far Cry 2 having just been announced, the current status quo would not have been the one most people predicted.

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I remember the first time playing Far Cry on my friends dads bad ass Alienware PC, it was amazing and jaw dropping, especially since I was used to Halo CE lol. Then came Crysis, which was another jaw dropping game (even to this day) and he could run it maxed out on his newer rig. I enjoyed Crysis 1 and 2 a lot, both were very different but i thought 2 was a solid game even if more linear, the story was more engaging imo.

Far Cry 3 is in my top 5 favorite games along with Skyrim, The Witcher 3, Zelda Ocarina of Time and Battlefield Bad Company 2. FC4 was pretty much a more fleshed out (Game mechanics wise) version of 3 while not being as memorable. Primal I thought was going to be garbage so I skipped it until 2 months ago when it was free. It is actually pretty good but no where near what FC3 delivered and slightly worse than 4. FC5 so far is AMAZING and I love the scenery change to rural America and all the subtle detail like the way the rivers flow and natuarlly carve out bancks due to bends and elevation, the grass density is drastically improved and micro foliage like hair moss makes everything look more realistic and the Fresh water spring pumping out of the earth with the natural blue hue is pleasing to see. Enjoying it so far!

yeahokwhatever255d ago

Primal is my favorite in the series. I just started playing 5. I'm enjoying it so far. It might be my new favorite.

Profchaos256d ago

Crytek always sucked at storytelling that's what happened