2018: The Year You Should Finally Buy a PS Vita

"The PlayStation Vita has been getting a ton of third-party support lately, which is impressive considering the handheld released over five years ago. With the slew of upcoming notable releases, and a few great features the handheld has to offer, I believe 2018 is the year anyone who hasn’t purchased a Vita yet should finally sail over to Vita island." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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FallenAngel1984299d ago

Those memory card prices aren’t getting any lower though

Araragifeels 299d ago

I was hoping that they atleast drop the memory card price since they are not supporting the system outside of Japan. 64gb cost $100 and that still too much.

DarXyde299d ago

The 64GB cards have a tendency to delete games and save data.

tamiper299d ago

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mikeslemonade298d ago

Vita died like 3 years ago. Who you trying to kid?

mikeslemonade298d ago

Haha you vita fans are so desperate. One of you guys on here messaged me on the PS APP and wrote me a wall of text. Sorry. No body cares aside from your small group. The Vita has been dead just like the Dreamcast and WiiU. Get over it.

Knushwood Butt298d ago

My 64 G card is fine.

They are pricey though.

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Dirtnapstor299d ago

The costs are rediculous. This is the primary factor as to why I have yet to purchase a Vita. Sure I could load two games at a time, but then I am defeating its purpose, right? I have a large library of Vita games patiently waiting.

_-EDMIX-_299d ago

lol exactly I bought a PlayStation TV and I just don't see me ever buying a PlayStation Vita as I'm already kind of playing a lot of the games I wanted to play on the system anyway.

The memory cards were just too expensive especially when I only wanted to really play a small handful of games.

monkeyshawn60299d ago (Edited 299d ago )

What alternative account are you talking about?
And you left me a message and blocked me. I was gonna tell you it was how the physics in Zelda mixed with the weather.

monkeyshawn60299d ago

Did you send this to my sister? Why didn't you get banned for harasmment?

monkeyshawn60299d ago (Edited 299d ago )

Stop writing me and blocking me. I am not Michelle. I am her brother. I put up my picture so you can see that I am not her. Stop writing me and then blocking me. If you want to talk to me, fine, but give me a chance to respond.
Who is a moderator on here? This guy needs to stop harassing me. I am not Michelle, EDMIX. I am her brother.

Theknightofnights299d ago

Jesus Christ, Edmix. What is wrong with you harassing someone like that? I'm reporting you. That's ridiculous.


Thank you for providing that information. He shouldn't be allowed to get away with that.

rainslacker298d ago

Memory cards were stupid expensive. I have a VIta, and a PSTV, and like using both. Switch is taking over my portable needs though. Use the PSTV as much as possible though for games I still want to play, and I have a decent back log on the system.

Content manager itself was an unnecessary step, and was more annoying to use than Apple's own iTunes. I think Google has it right here....plug in USB cord, copy files. Obviously something for DRM on games, but it doesn't need to be overly annoying like Content manager was until you took the time to learn to use it.

Anyhow, I wouldn't really recommend someone get one unless they were into Japanese games. There are some good western games on there, but nothing that people would miss if they didn't play. PSTV can be had cheap, along with a small memory card if someone is really interested. If they've been stocking up on PS+ offerings all these years, then I'd say it's certainly worth it, as you'd also get access to a lot of great PSP titles. Unfortunately, at least for some, the physical games actually tend to retain their high prices for quite a while. It's usually only the western games which are pretty cheap.

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Neonridr299d ago

jesus.. really? If you didn't already own one.. or didn't want one in the past few years.. now is not the time. They replaced the beautiful OLED screen with a crappier LCD screen. And unless you are a fan of a specific style of game, you will find very little new stuff releasing for it.

DivineAssault 299d ago

I second that. Especially since many of the good games are out of print already and are way too expensive.. Its the worst time to invest in a vita.. Getting a switch and its games would be cheaper at this point..

ILostMyMind299d ago

Look for old Vita models with OLED screen to see how they are now. Better use LCD screens.

Neonridr299d ago

my OLED model is still fine. Only thing I ever notice is that during black loading screens I can see a blotch here or there.

I would rather have the better colors and blacker blacks. My LG 4K OLED looks jaw dropping. Games like Horizon just utterly shine on it.

rainslacker298d ago (Edited 298d ago )

My launch day OLED Vita still has an immaculate screen. Not a scratch on it since i used a protector, and the actual display quality is as good as new. I played my Vita practically every week day for at least an hour or two a day for 4 years straight. Had plenty of long gaming sessions at night on it sometimes too. Only reason I haven't used it as much in the past few months is because I am using the Switch more, and at home I use the PSTV for my Vita games.

Screen issues with the OLED...outside physical damage...usually presented themselves early. At first use, or within a few months of first use. If you got past that time with the screen with no problem, you're unlikely to have any problems with the screen. The system is more likely to be physically damaged than the screen becoming faulty in some way.

Knushwood Butt298d ago

My launch model OLED Vita is fine, although I do have the blotch thing but it was like that new.

The OLED screen is sweet.

Theknightofnights299d ago (Edited 299d ago )

While the OLED screen is beautiful at first, the colors get washed out after a few years of use. Specifically Blues.

awdevoftw298d ago

Mine has been running in sleep mode since 2013. I rarely power it down. No color washout. I don't know where people get that. The screen is as bright and colorful as it was new. And I play this thing every day 1-6 hours a day at times.

rainslacker298d ago

While I wouldn't recommend one to someone looking for new experiences unless they were into a specific set of games, the Vita itself can be gotten pretty cheap nowadays. You can get a used OLED one for around $100, usually with memory cards.

The physical games still tend to be expensive, because it's become kind of a collector's system, but there are always tons of digital games on the flash sales, and if people have been stocking up on PS+ games all these years, they'd have tons of Vita games to play, along with even more PSP games.

Granted, whether one should get one is entirely circumstantial on those things. If they haven't been interested though, then yeah, I doubt they'll lose sleep if they pass on it otherwise.

I will say that it's a decent system to pick up if you don't mind playing some older games, and it has plenty of good experiences on it. Again though, entirely circumstantial based on how one plays games.

Neonridr298d ago

yep, a fair enough overview there.

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porkChop299d ago

The system is dead outside of Japan. The time to buy a Vita has long since passed.

DivineAssault 299d ago (Edited 299d ago )

I love the vita.. Ill always keep mine around as long as it runs.. Im very glad i bought accessories off someone one Craigslist though because that stuff aint cheap! Buying it now wouldnt be wise.. The switch is a great alternative

OB1Biker299d ago (Edited 299d ago )

Well it's been out for years now. I say it's the last year it's worth it with ps+. After that it's too bad
Switch also worth it and I'll probably get one TOO for my kid at some point.

rainslacker298d ago

Id say go with Switch now unless you really just want to play the back catalog of Vita games. Vita can be had pretty cheap, and memory cards are pretty cheap used.

Going forward, most games that come to Vita will likely come to Switch anyways. Devs will catch up soon, as most of the western Vita games now are ports of games that released on Vita in Japan around the time Switch released in Japan, so no ports available yet.

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