What Makes ‘Far Cry 3’s Vaas Such a Compelling Character?

Far Cry 3's Vaas Montenegro is one of modern gaming's most iconic characters. But exactly what is it about his personality that makes him so memorable?

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FTANK260d ago

I really like him in the live action trailers but playing the actual game, thought he was kind of just another cliché psycho. I thought FC4's Pagan Minh was a much better character but there was way too little interaction on him, instead vicariously painting your opinion of him through the supporting characters' propaganda against him

The_Sage260d ago

One of the best villains in any medium.

victorMaje260d ago

Vaas, Villain as a Service.

theshredded260d ago

He says a few cool stuff and has his moments but he's probably the most overrated character in a video game but teens eat it up because oh drugs and insanity. Meanwhile in other games like Batman Arkham Asylum or Borderlands 2, you've got a villain that is with you for the rest of the game unlike Vaas who's a small fry working for someone else and is barely in the game.

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