Why Need for Speed: Underground 2 is so Special

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: "Rewinding all the way back, fourteen years ago in 2004, my life was far simpler than it is now. At 11 years of age, my worries and hobbies were just to play as much street hockey with my friends that the days would allow, playing and trading Yu-Gi-Oh cards, watching Dragon Ball Z and of course, playing video games. Between playing World of Warcraft, Runescape, Super Smash Bros. Melee and even NHL Hitz 2003, there is one game that I and my friends spent more time on than any other and that would be with Need for Speed: Underground 2. Looking back at the racing game and what came out afterwards, it is easy to say that its 2004 title races past any other and was the best in the series."

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Travis3708213d ago

The first NFS underground had an amazing Soundtrack with some good gameplay but my favorite NFS game is easily NFS Hot Pursuit 2. That game is legendary!

Orbertron213d ago

Totally agree i would add NFS most wanted to that, EA has great taste in licence music exposing me to genres and bands.

strayanalog213d ago

‎The Need for Speed series definitely has some highs, but my favorites were Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit ('98), NFS: Underground ('03, even though that ending was almost infuriating), Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 ('02), and then finally ‎Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit ('10), which was undoubtedly because of the magic of Criterion Games.

And now that I look at my list I'm beginning to see a trend.‎

Profchaos212d ago

It was a highlight but I'm not sure anything made it so special I think it was released when open world games where really taking off and was the first NFS not stuck on linear tracks. It had a great soundtrack to boot but sacrificed graphics for a bigger world (nfsu1) looked way better.

I remember at that time every game under the sun just went open world from Spiderman 2 to nfsu2 it was just popular and it worked if you could design an open world right

SickSinceSix212d ago

Been replaying this recently with a widescreen fix on my PC and it's still just as fun as when I first played it on PS2. Does anyone else remember the hydraulics glitch? My brother and I used to drive our cars against walls and spam the hydraulics button 'til our cars launched in the year, I personally prefer the original Most Wanted (2005) over Underground 2 but it's a close second for me.

C-H-E-F212d ago

I actually didn't like UG2 as much as I liked NFSU, I know you all may slaughter me on the boards but seriously NFSU was special to me. NFSMW (ORIGINAL) was the next best NFS that came out after NFSU IMO

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