IGN-FIFA Soccer 09 US Review

It appears that EA Sports has gotten over its initial growing pains when moving from last-generation consoles to the HD era. There's no doubt that the inaugural batch of sports games had its fair share of bugs, hitches and inaccuracies but with every passing season EA Sports has been able to up its game for each release in its large stable of titles.

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thetan50003654d ago

And PES is still way better. I don't know what these FIFA fan boy types keep screaming about. They almost sound like 360 owners who are trying to justify their purchase by making a villain out of the opposing console.
Play them both, side by side. FIFA is not as smooth, and not as good in any way. The players look slightly bettter on FIFA, but the animation is jerky and the grass looks crap.
And above all, the PES engine still feels amazing. I am not trying to be one sided here! Please try these demo's back to back! You will see PES is waaay better.

ad4mb3654d ago

Are you kidding yourself
because by saying "not as good in any way" you are actually saying that pro has better graphics, better sound than fifa... i don't think so
as far as gameplay goes fifa FOR ME is allot better than pro evo but thats just my opinion

lamigol3654d ago

Pro evo is for people who have a passion for playing or watching football, real football people, the ones who follow a team, read gossip, live and breathe football, fifa is for kids and dads not very good at games. That is my opinion. Pro evo is fast, fluent and solid. fifa still feels too sluggish. Its ok playing the ball around the back four but as soon as you try to string a few passes together it falls into a boring, predictable game of slog it out in the middle of the park. Its hard to describe really, evo just has a better grasp of real football. The was attacks are built is more realistic, so what if fifa has better graphics and licenses, football is all about the playability.

ad4mb3654d ago

So now i am a kid or a dad not very good at games just because i like fifa over pro evo.... thats like saying people who own a 360 over a ps3 or a ps3 over a 360 a kid or dad that is not very good at games. im sorry but your comment is a load of SH!T

and you say that people who like pro evo over fifa are people who have a passion for playing or watching football, real football people, the ones who follow a team, read gossip, live and breathe football. What a load of bullsh!t that is ITS ALL A MATTER OF PREFERENCE not whether you have a passion of football or follow a team.

lamigol3654d ago

Whooaaa !!! Chill out ad4mb, youre taking this way too seriously.
Why do you care what I think. If you enjoy it, play it. Just stating my opinion which is based on what I know. I have friends who play pro evo ( the majority, who are all football fanatics like myself ) and some who play fifa ( who are younger relatives mainly and their dads ). Most younger people find pro evo difficult as it rewards patience and tactics whereas fifa gives you the thrill of playing as gerrard, fabregas etc...

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