Xbox Games Pass – Value for Money?

Jon from AOXSquare takes a look at Xbox Games Pass and whether it represents value for money.

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NecrumOddBoy214d ago

"GAME PASS" not Games Pass... lol

Are you Greg Miller?

Poobz214d ago

Seriously, someone wants to see if it's vale for money. You get around 5 months sub for the price of Sea of Thieves, It's a no-brainer.

Get a sub when a new X1 exclusive comes out or wait until all this year's are out and a couple of months subs will give you the time to play them all.

ObviousGoldfish214d ago

Great value if you like taking it deep from Microsoft

BigWan78214d ago

the vale is there... if whats to offer appeals to you.

For me personally, I had no interest in Game Pass initially.. then Microsoft was doing the $5 sale about a month ago... so i ended up locking in for 1.5yrs (expires June 2019 for me)

1.) Parents of non-working children... this a great deal pay for a month sub during summer/winter breaks without breaking the bank

2.) College students who may be on a strict budget.

3.) Those who may have cold feet towards Microsoft exclusives can now try them without having to invest $60

So there is definitely value in XGP ...