Red Alert 3 Goes Gold, Oct 28 Ship Date

Eric Schild wrote, "C&C Red Alert 3 Gold and Dropping on October 28th
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tocrazed4you3659d ago

Freakain developers this goes for everyone START RELEASING GAMES THROUGHOUT THE YEAR AND NOT JUST IN OCTOBER AND NOVEMBER. Its like 50-60 bucks per a game AND YOU GUYS EXPECT US to buy them all in a few weeks? ARE YOU FREAKAIN NUTS.

JsonHenry3658d ago

The 28th has been the expected release date for this game since May..

DA_SHREDDER3659d ago

What does it mean when a game goes gold? I dont understand.

tocrazed4you3658d ago

That a game is done, and they are just producing the dvds or bluray disc for retail stores to sell.

Fux4Bux3658d ago

Can't say I'm excited at all. Haven't made a good C&C since Red Alert 2. Same format with wackier crap and dumbed down for consoles isn't my ideal game.

bumnut3658d ago

i thought this one was pc only.

am i wrong?

snakebite363658d ago

The last red alert game I played was Red Alert 1, so I hope this lives up to the first one.