TGR's Rumor Killers: Xbox 360 Blu-ray, Home Release, 50 Cent Published

Via TGR - "It must be the changing of the seasons because no quarter of the calendar is complete without the requisite rumor that the Xbox 360 will be adding Blu-ray support. This rumor has been circulating in one form or another ever since the demise of HD-DVD, and now it's come to rear its head once more."

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aubradley3682d ago

How many times will the Xbox Blu-ray rumor keep coming up? Microsoft can't seem to make anyone believe they're not going to ever do it.

Relin3682d ago

It's hard to tell who's driving the interest: 360 owners who are excited at the prospect of a Blu-ray add-on, PS3 owners who are excited to see the 360 come over to their side, or independent gamers who just like poking at bee hives.

cain1413682d ago

I think MS has killed the bluray rumor more times than I can count...

psnSkareFace3682d ago

if blue ray did go 2 xbox then all these articles sayn blue ray is crap and wont last would stop and turn into how good it is